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See a girl you like? Get her in your locker!
Use the arrow keys (or A and D) to move around, and Space to grab.
Once you've caught a girl, you can take a peak at whats going on inside ;)
While watching, use the arrows to advance, or esc to force out.

New girl types will be added as we keep working, so feel free to add a tip when you download to help us with dev costs.

AuthorsHotpink, Annue
Made withUnity
TagsAnime, Cute, Erotic, girl, Hentai, locker, NSFW, school, Tentacles
Average sessionA few minutes


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TentacleLocker_PC_1.0.zip 251 MB
TentacleLocker_PC_1.1.zip 242 MB
TentacleLocker_PC_1.1_64Bit.zip 244 MB

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can sombody help me dowload this game

(1 edit)

i dont understand the download

my brain has reached no IQ  

i just want to play this game ):


the only thing missing in the game is a mobile version, in my opinion it would be better to be able to play on your mobile phone because you can play anywhere


 you could make a mobile version and put it on aptoide, APKpure and ACMarket

Guys look at 18 (0○0)

(1 edit)

18 what? I got all of them to 18 or more and nothing happened, what are you talking about?


Is there any way to download it on mobile? 


Please I am begging you make an android .APK version


lol this is lewd i love it


How to dowload on mobile?


Will there be an iOS one @hotpink.


how would this even get on the appstore?

lol no


Maybe It will be fun if it was on IOS for free 


Ohhh i would love to have this on android. If i can find someone to make an android version or learn how to, would you allow it? @Hotpink


Actually i only can open the 1.0 ver, on 1.1 ver i could only hear sounds and the screen is blank can you fix please


Same me too like that.


Can this be for android?

If can't its okay.

Looks fun

It cannot :) 

No it cannot :) 

Oh, okay.

That is fine

Will there ever be a mac version? This game looks fun.

If we ever do an update then sure! 


I have faith!

como se puedecargar


really good!

keep it up

Si hubiera en móvil 

Which download do i download?????

(1 edit) (-1)

For some odd reason the game appears as a very small screen but I can still hear the audio of the game, is there any way I can fix this?

like how small? It runs on a fixed resolution so maybe need to change your screen's resolution to see better? 


Its pretty fun although like many I do think it needs a bit more content. Not a lot just a little more. A score system would be fun. Possibly a reward for having multiple girls in lockers at once. The scrolling speed is a bit to slow so i often find myself unable to catch girls who run. Plus a couple more girl variations. Nothing major, just recolours and maybe one with glasses. I do think this is a great game and while it is fun as previously stated could use a little touch up. But that's just my silly little opinion.


So option is still not fixed? Reset data button is still not worked.

yea options dont work either, and the screen is so tiny, I wish I could use it with full screen


is it possible to make a option to lift up the shirt

every time i open the is crashin help


wtf(why the ****) is this showing up in my FREAKING RECOMMENDED TAB. MY GOD.


how do i download this i downloaded the file


모바일버전을 만들었으면 좋겠습니다


no mac version? ;c


Is this a JoJo reference?


will there be more added to the game?


maybe some day ;) but not today



can there be browser versions?

No :(


itd be cool if there was a ver with guys too! and more diverse girls (maybe colored hair and different skntones?)


Very casual, very good. I was wondering if any future updates are being made and/or considered?

The only ideas I have would be more girls 




Please make an iOS version


How to fix black screen issue:

Use a free vpn in your desktop not in your broweser example like in chrome

After that you should be able to get in the game without having problems except me lag.

Hope this help

btw hotpink keep up the good work on video games noice


Somehow, it could be left in full screen.


ideas here:

teachers that you can pull into the lockers?

different forms of intercourse that you can somehow select (e.g. oral, anal, etc.)

i know this has been mentioned a lot but i'ma say it again because i love the idea: 2 or more in one locker. maybe you can only do this in a select few places (like a bigger locker or something, idk)

maybe the ability to cum on instead of in?

perhaps some girls investigate instead of running when they see the girl leave the locker. these curious girls could have a special interaction inside the locker because they were already horny?

looking forward to any new update on this game, love it. <3 i wish i could show you my support in dollars rather than words but i have no money as of now.


Thanks for the words of support! ^_^ 

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