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yeah I have no idea how to find the secret ponytail girl


How do i fullscreen the game?


The new 64bit version fixed the problem for me too. Thanks to you and to your quick reaction! And excellent update, very enjoyable. I hope you will continue in that way :-)

Great! Glad it worked! 


Tried it just now and I love it, can't wait to see how it will evolve <3

Some things I'd like to see are :

1.  an option to remove clothing / having a girl lift up her skirt and maybe stop in front of a locker after you pulled her in enough times to show that she actually enjoys it and wants more 

2. maybe more animations options ( still depending on how many times you pulled a character in ) including different kinks ( breasts groping , maybe butt stuff.. ? Idk, you are the developer   >//u//>;  ) 

3. more girl types obv ~

I actually like the fact it's pretty casual and allows you to have this much freedom , perfect lewd easy going game.  ^ - ^

Thanks for the support and cool ideas! 

Pretty great ideas, I'd like more sounds too, it would be nice.


Great ideas here but just adding on a specific kink suggestion I'd like to see down the line as well, panties,or even just animations options using panties and having a variety on some of  the different girls would be nice to see. 

Panties! Noted <3

The new 64  bit version fixed the black screen freezing  problem for me!


I've been seeing a bunch of people are having problems with the new version. Is there a way to get it to work?

Try the 64 bit if you are on a 64 bit system! Let me know if that helps. 


Dev log says "secrets" plural, but twitter says "secret" singular. I'd love a hint, but would settle for just knowing how many I should be hunting for.


Hmmm well there is one thing that's "the" secret but a few smaller things that aren't that secret really :P 

i thought the secret might involve the dirty lockers but getting a girl in each at the same time did nothing.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hi i am also having problems running this after the update, i am on windows 10 64 bit, could be the problem? Maybe its only made for 32 bit? No idea

32 should be able to run on 64 bit, but not the other way around. I'll make a 64 bit build and see if that might help. 

Added a 64 Bit option so hope that helps! 



After the splash screen, the menu never appears, it just stays black forever.

Oh noes.... What operating system are you on? 

I'm having the same problem. Using windows 10. The 1.0 version works fine but 1.1 doesn't for some reason :[

Hmm that's weird.... I'll see what I can do


Loving the game! If I was to recommend anything, I'd like that, if you caught a girl extra times, it would steadily get messier. even more so then it already does! ,,u  u,, 

(2 edits) (+4)

With all the obvious stuff like more girls, more positions, and some progression mechanics having already been suggested, there is one particular mechanic I wanted to suggest that, while it may make sense from a gameplay standpoint, is based around a fetish that not everyone might enjoy - as in, based around oviposition.

If there will be proper progression so that you're not so omnipresent from start of the game, this idea might just fit. So basically, once in a while, after you fuck enough girls, one of the most used lockers becomes a "special" one, and chooses a specific target - it may either be a girl with a specific haircut/hair color/body type, or one of the "special" girls if these get introduced. Any other girls, when caught by it, will play the usual animation and it will go through like normal, but when you catch the girl the locker "needs", it plays out a specific oviposition animation - as in, the animation drags out a little longer, as the "main" tentacle not only cums, bu also lays eggs into the caught girl's womb before releasing her. She will obviously attract more attention (possibly due to ending up with a protruding pregnant-looking belly), making more girls run away from the lockers while she is walking off somewhere else, but she will eventually attempt to "infest" an "uninfested" locker, which causes her to, for a lack of better wording, lock herself into the aforementioned locker and lay the eggs there before exiting (complete with an option to watch if you're into that kinda stuff...), with the lockers  where this happened eventually getting taken over by tentacles. If we're going to go with the idea of some girls eventually becoming more eager to get tentacled and the school getting more and more suspicious about the whole thing if one's not careful, then those "carrier" girls have the highest chance to keep going back for more tentacle loving, but might draw more suspicion to the tentacle infestation thing.

I hope I didn't end up alienating anyone with such a weird idea. Of course, it might be a less gameplay-mandatory option so as to not alienate those who do draw the line at certain things, but having some impregnation and/or oviposition moments thrown in would definitely make this game more interesting for some pervs like me. 

Yeah...Sorry for a little too much information. In any case, the game looks hella promising, and I'm sure looking forward to more updates.  And sorry for not being able to donate - my university scholarship payouts are a bit too low for that :(


Wow cool ideas! Maybe a bit too complex for this right now but thanks for the support and feedback <3 


I like those ideas


I cant wait for more to be worked on 


The more you work on this the more I am willing to support it. I love the base this game has keep it up.


Hi love the game so far. But can we get an option to remove clothing?  Also could we get an update of a time zone that we might see an update coming? Nothing else but to keep up the good work .


Would it be wired if suggest, some gyaru and/or hermaphrodite girls as well as teacher milfs, with strict looks,  other teachers with innocent looks and not forget the teachers with a slutty look, both with glasses and w/o them


We will be adding more girl types so stay tuned! 


This looked interesting, and I downloaded and played it, but was disappointed to find that there wasn't obvious consent on the part of the girls. Would it be possible in a future update to make it so that girls (and any future partner options) who want to be tentacled stand in front of lockers, maybe with little hearts-with-tentacles over their heads or something, and when you grab them, their mouths go into a smile instead of the surprised "o" that they form now? And when a girl exits a locker, some others who see her and are surprised become interested, getting the tentacle-heart icon? Obviously play around with this idea as you'd like, I'm no game designer, but little touches like this would make the game more enjoyable and fun for me. Thanks!


Yeah, consentacles is great


    So far this is a great yet simple h-game that has lots of potential for expansion, nice work! That  said if you're planning on adding any new features in the future, then could you set up a poll so that way we can see what options would be viable for you to work on, while for your part you can see what your growing fanbase would like to see the most?

Cool idea ^_^

We have an idea where we want things to go for this project for a bit, but maybe in the future for our next projects we could do that! 

Update when?

I really like this game and i would love to play it! problem is, i have a mac. and you guys are still developing this game. But i hope its not much to ask for, can you guys please change it to Mac downloadable version? i have a pretty old Mac OS X but i really hope you guys can make a version for it! im DYING to play this game. 

i hope for a reply soon! and keep it up, i love the art style!

-Tentacle Attack

I should be able to do a OSX build in the future yes :) 


I have been following Annue's Tumblr for a long time and I was so happy to see they followed through with that GIF that started this whole game idea. Also, Annue's art is definitely perfect for this game and so cute and adorable overall.

I'll jump on the idea suggestions bandwagon:

1) Give the player some more involved objectives. The "fuck X kinds of girl" idea does it's job for this early version, but it doesn't qualify very well for giving the player some reason to keep playing the game after the titillation effects wear off. I suggest you could make a small gameplay cycle in which the player starts off with very few lockers, and that fucking the girls awards the player with a few resources (cum? milk? pussy juice? the possibilities are vast!) that can be used as a currency to buy upgrades, such as more lockers, better tentacles in lockers for more sex positions and sexual activities and whatnot, etc.

2) Give the player some conflict or something to be wary over. The girls do show reactions to seeing lewdness and escape. Maybe they could call for authorities if they successfully escape, so the player now has to strategize when and where to catch and release girls, which can be a little and fun challenge to spice the game up.

3) Since the girls are clearly in a school setting, you could leverage on this to add more mechanics. For instance, maybe there could be doors to classrooms so girls come in and out from classes at given times, and the kind of class could dictate the kind of girl that comes out of it. Maybe if a girl is coming to attend a class and you happen to catch her before she reaches the door, you can make her miss her class if you don't make her cum fast enough, which can have repercussions akin to what I just suggested above. Or even the tentacle monster's cum could have stimulant effects that makes the girls do better in school, who knows. Also, you could add hot teachers, because hot teachers are a must in a hentai game set in a school.

4) Add in "special girls" just so they are unique characters that can stand out from the generic ones. These special girls can keep appearing again, maybe even sometimes looking for a locker they have been caught in before because they want some more of tentacling in their intimate parts. Maybe each one of these special girls have their own unique tastes in sex so the player can build some kind of relationship with them if the player manages to fuck them good.


I absolutely LOVE this game. I love what has been suggested so far (i.e.  QTEs, male students, more girls, more zone, more positions). I love the directions this is going in, especially art wise <3. I'd love to see more busty girls and more positions to do these cuties~ I bet silly cameos would be fun too (like girls who LOOK like certain characters but are just different enough ;D you can see from my name. I'd love to see heart eyes! <3 Heart eyes make everything cuter and sexier ^u^

But keep up the amazing work! I happily donated and will continue to donate as updates happen <3

Thanks for the support! <3

Norton seems to think this is bad for my computer and wont let me run it.

Well tell Norton to go suck a.... 
Do you have any problems with other indie games? 

Or maybe just a bad influence ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I'm receiving a crash every time I open the game and it goes past the "18+" screen

Huh weird. What OS are you using? 

I'm having the same problem. I'm using windows 10

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

I would love to see these become a full idle game.  Like new girls and new zones and different color tentacles and the other colors give off different animations.  Later on the to get to the next  floor the girls will fight you or something and you have to (attack) them to progress to the next floor. But if you lose you go back into hiding.  And the currents for upgrade can be pantsu.

will it be a mobile game in the future?

Maybe but don't keep your hopes up :P 

It's a fun time killer! Love the artist's work and thought, why not? Donated 4 bucks to the cause, will be sure to donate more every update that comes my way! Love the work you guys do, looking forward for more!

Thanks for the support ^_^

We will be sure to add lots more in as we keep working :D 


Male students please! c: And also more types of scenes ex: Oral/Anal. Also more busty girls would be greatly appreciated~

it's wonderful idea

Thanks for the feedback! We will for sure keep this in mind :3 


Having a selection of tags to select before the game starts for the content we want to see seems like a good idea (especially if guys are an option).

Options for different tentacle actions seems like a good idea too. Attacking mouths and chests is important!

Cool idea!


So when I downloaded it it said the unityplayer.dll was missing when I can see it right next to it then it said the TentacleLocker_PC_1.0 was missing do you know what I should do.

That's weird... What OS are you using? 
Maybe try to re downloading it. 

I'm on windows 7 and no matter what I do it just keeps saying that the unityplayer.dll is missing even when I tried downloading it seperate and moving it into the system directory.

Well we didn't get to test on 7 so not sure if that is it or not :/ Maybe this could help?


That's one heck of a locker :)


This is really nice. Simple and effective! I would love if there were some girls who were not enjoying it though. It kind of gets samey when they all have similar ahegao going on.


absolutely amazing! the art style is amazing and the game has a simple but really effective mechanic! I would love there to be a way to get combos of girls, like you get two in the same locker wich gives you a new since. all in all an amazing game and cant wait to see what you do next!

Is this a mobile game?

Nope just PC right now. 


The game is pretty well made! While I was playing I was thinking about the girls that will be added later on. If you're still thinking of some I have a couple ideas. You could do some girls with coloured hair (as in unnaturally coloured like in basically every anime ever), Some girls with different body types than just the one shown in the game, maybe you could add a teacher or something, there could be a girl with cat ears, then maybe some more out there ideas like an android girl or a male student or something. Also game design wise, I felt like the camera panned a little slow but that was about it. Also maybe you could add a mode with censor bars or something (dont know why you would just something you could do).  It's a pretty great game so keep up the good work! Hope maybe one or two of my ideas were of any use, if not then thanks for reading anyways!

Thanks for the super cool ideas ^_^ we had some of the same and some new ones here and there too! 


Hoping for a Mac version at some point.



I beg for the android version of this game... 👍🏻


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