An update? 1.1.2 is out!

What year is it?!? 

No new content, but yes, there is an update for Tentacle Locker in the year 2022! Look forward to: 

  • You can play on a Mac
  • No more black screen on start up 
  • Change screen size with the “Options” button. It actually does something now!!
  • Controller Support. If you are into that sorta thing

And a few other small things here and there. Please let us know if there are any other issues that pop up, and will see what we can do. 

But you still might be asking yourself, why an update, and why now?!? Well it’s been a poorly kept secret, but we are working on a sequel now ;) no plans on when we can release, or have news on it, but wanted to clean up some things, and figured why not do a little update for everyone. Did you know Tentacle Locker has been downloaded more than 1 Million times!! Truly crazy times we live in. 

But no, no mobile... yet. Maybe for TL2 ;D (But no promises either) 

Please follow us on Twitter for updates, and support us on Patreon to help make more updates and games possible! 

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TentacleLocker Mac 246 MB
Jan 16, 2022
TentacleLocker PC 1.1.2 246 MB
Jan 16, 2022

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THANK YOU! It should be playable through SteamLink for me now!

I had been using this application to forcefully change the screen size, and it's very buggy. This update is  b l e s s e d.

Great! Sorry it wasn't in it before haha 

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Got a slight issue, when opening the app to play it, it kinda breaks my computer slowing it down significantly just to get an error bout the app being unresponsive

happens on all version, though it downscales from most recent to oldest



what version of windows are you on? 

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Edition: windows 10 Home
Version: 21H2


Hmmm maybe it's a RAM thing. But not sure

4 RAM, which truly is 3.8 RAM


Feel that that should be plenty! So idk :P sorry. Any other games give you this kinda issue? 

Deleted 341 days ago

dude read the post 


why dose this game need a sequel when this only had the bare bones for a game?


So that the sequel could have more than bare bones?


even for bare bones its super fun, for a little bit anyway.


Usually it is easier to start fresh if some codes is finicky. Since it was as you call it, bare bone, it is easy to take the core and move it on a better base and start anew with new stuff. I am sure it will be great!


an update? on my favourtite small nsfw game!?!? A FRIGGIN SEQUEL!?!?!?!??!?


Mobile version ? Please ...

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No way! This is my favourite game by you! So good. I'd LOVE for content updates and/or more games like this. Thanks!


Amazing, i hope there will be more short dark haired women.


A sequel? Cool! I really liked this little thing  back in the day.

Gonna be real interested to see where you take it. Is it planned to be just a new setting or are you planning to make it more elaborate with say progression or player control?

Either way congrats on the 1mill and hope the next one will be an even bigger success.


we've got plenty of ideas, so you will just have to wait and see, hehe. 


I love annue's art, lost 'em when their twitter got deleted. Any game with their art style is an instant get for me!

you can follow their new twitter here! 


I think I've downloaded it at least 5 times, lo


yea there are a few people like that for sure ;D

Thanks for the support!! 

Aren't you guys also working on another game where you play as a succubus? Vaguely remember the CEO of Critical Bliss retweeting it.

Yep! we get to work on lots of games ;)