Tentacle Locker update 1.1 is now live!

With double the girls and a few new secrets I hope you will enjoy :)

Your support keeps us going and keeps the updates coming 馃挊

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why pay


to help support us :) 


I want this game

then get it!



This game is 馃槑 

No hate,give me your honest opinion!Why鈥檇 you think about making this game?

Why would there be hate? Annue made a cute gif and we wanted to make a game out of it

Oh ok!

Just add Android or I'll hack bc ur pass is ###########


Man shut yo skin tone chicken bone google chromosome no home flip phone disowned ice cream cone home alone ass up


I love this game!


when you wanna play on iPad/phone TwT (lost 0-0)


to get the game it says we have to pay for it--link XD

are you BLIND? 

Welp that was actually kinda rude and its true i am blind-


then use your screen reader to read out what the price is lol 


no you just press bring me to download

but i didnt get it ;-;''

can u make it free ;,>


it IS free D: 

are you ever gonna add new animations to go with the newer hairstyles? or even new outfits? just curious honestly


if we ever make a new game maybe 

is it on play store?

no, just here 


Add play store version or I'll hack u bc I told u the pass iss ##########

can you make it not to pay cause I鈥檓 broke rn


it's free! lol 

its not letting me play on my laptop do you know why?


what kinda laptop do you use? 

can you make it so we can play it on android?


not at this time


oh ok

will this ever be available on Mac?

no plans to currently :/ 

je ne peu pas t茅l茅charger les mis 脿 jour 



can you make it so we can sample the game


What? Sample in what way

like play it before we download it


lol how?

I downloaded it and I don鈥檛 know how to get on it now I want to play i

ya ice todo pero al entrar al juego solo se escucha el juego y esta la pantalla en negro algo que pueda hacer

pleaseeee fix lol


make it for chromebook

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