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See a girl you like? Get her in your locker! But now also other things too!

Use the arrow keys (or A and D) to move around, and Space to grab.
Once you've caught a girl, you can take a peak at whats going on inside ;)
While watching, use the arrows to advance, or esc to force out.

The 'M' key also opens and closes the menu. Use the Comma ',' key to change the screen size. 
Holding 'esc' for one second also closes the game if you need a quick escape. 

Mobile has touch controls similar to all that

TL2 is funded on SubscribeStar! We are actively developing more updates with your support. The releases will stay free, but updates come sooner if you subscribe. Thanks for any help you send out way! 

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@HotPinkGames - Gameplay Lead
@annuehastur - Art director 
@Scorsheep - Character art
@lewmie - BG, UI and other art

@LaddingerVAs - Girl voices

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(358 total ratings)
AuthorsHotpink, Team Annue and Friends
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Anime, Arcade, Casual, Christmas, Cute, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Tentacles
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button, Textless


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TentacleLocker2 - Christmas - Mac 38 MB
TentacleLocker2 - Christmas - Linux 40 MB
TentacleLocker2 - Christmas - PC 38 MB
TentacleLocker2 - Christmas - Android.apk
if you pay $5 USD or more

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Do you need to pay for mobile versions?



damn it I don't have money

Is there still just the bathroom and main area(sorry I downloaded an old version and have stuck with it)

Correct for now


Will there be a discord server? It's just that Twitter is not available in all (one) countries.

There is one for SubStar supporters that you get access to from there 

Do I have to pay again to delete the apk and download it again?


Do not have to pay again. Think that you can download it over the old file, but if that doesn't work then yea delete the old file. 


will you make an ios version?



이 게임이 열광적이었으면 좋겠어요


Good game. Cool concept. If it's okay for you, I would like to suggest something. Maybe you could create a game or a mod just like this. But instead of capturing girls with tentacles, the players uses bandages. The girls are being mummified in the lockers if the player is looking inside.


Amazing game, will play again 

How do I exit the store?


press escape on keyboard.

If you don't trust that paypal site, why don't you update your android game files by sponsoring SubscribeStar here? Of course, there is a downside to having to pay 5 dollars each time you need to update, but I don't think it's bad..


Hi! I see your point on Android won't be free, and I won't argue over it. But i understand some of us can't or don't want to use paypal. My acc was hacked when was that infamous hacking wave on it, and losing all my money there was enough to don't trust them ever again. Sadly i see no option only PayPal for itch Io for now. Id give an idea tho, maybe that is doable. Make the android version free with need to watch ads everytime we open the game, or change a place. (Bathroom vs locker). Or make Android users to watch 5 ads before play the game with no ads while playing. This way users get game free while you can get profit. Regardless, you do an amazing work, wish you the best and hope one day I'll be able to buy the APK version too without PayPal.


You should be able to use a credit/debit card though Stripe if you don't want to use PayPal, but that's an Itch issue otherwise. 
We don't want to run ads on any of our games, and due to the nature of our content, it would be very hard to get advertisers haha. 


Why not try to add the sound and action of tentacle locker 1 to 2 and make it a purchasable item?


Could be an idea!


pls future update


will there be more positions for both bathrooms and lockers in future updates?


Que tendrá en contra de los que usan Android, cómo para que nadamás los Android cuesten xD

Too few poses! ! ! 35 RMB doesn't seem worth it.!


can i buy it from you


Can you makw the apk version for free? I've waited so many days for this to come on android


No, it'll never be free. You gotta pay the $5.00 or don't play it all. 


I love how so many like to complain about the pricing on Android but it would seem they either don't bother to read the dev log about it or don't care that it comes with the same stuff as subscribing on SubscribeStar. (By the way I like the way you handled the pricing, really smart idea.)

(1 edit) (+5)

Thanks for your kind words, it's the curse we bear. 


Wish there are different H-scenes in the locker as well as able to strip the cute girls too. :)


Why would android cost money while other platforms don't?


Yeah right?


You don't know why?!?




Pls tell me why

podrian poner trajes en la maquina expendedora seria interesante


Just a question. Why is Android the only one you have to pay for?


PLS per android gratis PLS sono povero😭😭


Sup brothers finally got a card to get the game after months of waiting LETS GO

Hi, just downloaded the latest Linux version (I'm on Ubuntu 22.04) and the "Quit" button on the menu doesn't work, along with the "Options" button. Once the game reaches the max size, pressing it again doesn't bring it back to the smallest size. Otherwise, great game

Hmmmm I wonder if that's a Linux thing, thanks I'll look into it! 

Thank you! Can't wait for more


Make android free please




cuz it is unfair while other versions are free

Unfair to who?!?

Hey, I just had an issue with the game. When I purchased the tights it seems the purchase happened twice and now I have negative currency :( Is there a way to solve this? Also, don't know if it's only me but everytime I press the ESC key the game closes when I wanted to close, for example, the menu. All of this happened on Windows 10 x64.

Thanks! We've seen the negative currency thing before, so will look into it and get fixed for next update. 

If you HOLD the ESC key for one second, that closes the game, so if you just press it, it should get you out of menus and such. Or does your key stick? 


bro why we android users have to pay🥲

(1 edit) (-8)

Wth i can make some cheap XD

Im on android dudeXDD for cheap download XD

But btw is sus 🧐🧐🧐🧐


You sound like someone who shouldn't be playing this game 🧐


I'm sorry but this game just looks like another similar game called LovecraftLocker... And the concept is the same pull girls into a Locker only difference is that game is free on Android when this game you have to pay... So sorry developers I would rather play that game instead.


Yeah sure that's fine haha. They based them game on ours, but they have our blessing to do what they want, so they will do things differently that we wouldn't do. 

You fool as someone with both games the measley 5 dollars are worth it better art,smoother gameplay and smoother animation makes this game so much better


Merry late christmas!

Sorry I'm late, I,v been very busy the last few days.

My birthday is coming up, so I've been trying to get some stuff done for that.


And a happy new year!

Is the Christmas update available on Android and if so, do we have to pay again to get the update?


Yes it's on Android as well, and if you have already paid you do not have to pay again to get the update. 

ahh when are the new places gonna come


In future updates. tbd on timing

Umm I buyed the the Android one and it's not showing up when I look at it again cuz I didn't downloaded that day so you help me with that

(1 edit)

If you are having a payment issue I would contact itch support as we can't verify those types of things, but I would say make sure you're on the right account. 

Wait for a next update 💖

(2 edits)

Why won't it let me put the Christmas update? Do you put one from before or do you have to pay to put it on? version 1.1.6 is always downloaded.

That is the christmas update, but you still have to unlock then in game at the vending store. 


oh i didn't know that thanks


No sé vale por qué los de Android tenemos que pagar?


Why do you think?


No lo sé

Bug report

I play in Android (Redmi note 8)

When i Enter in the bathroom, the Android controls dissappear.

I have all items unlocked, included the christmas items.


Yes, thanks for the catch! We have fixed now and you can redownload the same file. 

sorry but what do u do to get out shop

can press esc button 


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