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See a girl you like? Get her in your locker! But now also other things too!

Use the arrow keys (or A and D) to move around, and Space to grab.
Once you've caught a girl, you can take a peak at whats going on inside ;)
While watching, use the arrows to advance, or esc to force out.

The 'M' key also opens and closes the menu. Use the Comma ',' key to change the screen size. 
Holding 'esc' for one second also closes the game if you need a quick escape. 

Mobile has touch controls similar to all that

TL2 is funded on SubscribeStar! We are actively developing more updates with your support. The (non-mobile) releases will stay free, but updates come sooner if you subscribe. Thanks for any help you send out way! 

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@TentacleLockers - Official News Account
@HotPinkGames - Gameplay Lead
@annuehastur - Art director 
@Scorsheep - Character art
@lewmie - BG, UI and other art
@NaytLayt_24 - Pool Animation
@SUPERREFLEX_art - other Animations 
@LaddingerVAs - Girl voices

Updated 10 hours ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(885 total ratings)
AuthorsHotpink, Team Annue and Friends
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Anime, Arcade, Casual, Christmas, Cute, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Tentacles
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button, Textless


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TentacleLocker2 March Public - Linux 49 MB
TentacleLocker2 March Public - Mac 47 MB
TentacleLocker2 March Public - PC 64 bit 47 MB
TentacleLocker2 March Android32bit.apk 63 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
TentacleLocker2 March Android64bit.abk 74 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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where is the pool area?

*When will Android become free?*

Game keeps crashing at startup on my Samsung, quite unfortunate

On the 64 bit version? Working on it. See if the 32 bit version works better. 


My patience is rewarded!

Was trying to tell yall ;D 

I never stoped believing, (every now and then i cheak out this page to see the comments XD), sorry you had to deal with all the "why not done"/"why 5$?"comments.


Great concept! Simple, fun & hot!

I have a question, why I need to pay 5$ on Android?

If you had to guess as to why, what would your guess be? 

From what ive heard its a pain to remake games for mobile. So id imagine theyd want to be paid for it.

(1 edit)

I paid a total of 5$ but in two times, 1$ first and 4$ after, do I need to pay 5$ again to gain acces to the android version? I didn't saw the pay 5$ for it to unlock.

I'm not sure. It might work, but contact itch support for payment issues.

sex yes

when its going to be on steam??

Sadly won't be allowed on Steam :( 
But other games me make might ;D 

oh, also, are there any achievements that aren't possible in the current public version?

Don't think so. More to come next update though. 

for the view and skip version, what does skip mean? like pressing space and then just pressing esc to quit, or is it flipping quickly through all the screens to get to the end faster?

doing esc to get out before the finish

Still treating Android as a premium i see. 


it is premium!


when will the pool get added to the public version, also what's new in this public version update?

As of next update. In about a month is the goal. And I forgor lol but everything besides the pool is in the public version 

Very good job though, my cell phone is low end and goes to low fps in the new area 😭


Just in the pool gets low FPS? During the animation or all the time? 

In the animations and when you approach "the catch zones" ⚰️

Can I ask how old, or what phone it it? 

Does the Gold acually do nothing?


Nvm got the Gold girl right after the comment lol


Loving the pool fun ;3

i can’t enter the pool , the arrows to enter there don’t appear

Its only for ppl who paid

Is there a way to reset your progress? I'd like to start from the beginnig with the new update.

You could delete your save file. But no way to do that in game right now. Will add it to the list for next update though :)


You know its a great day when we see HotPink! Rock on and thank you as always. Look forward to becoming a supporter with the next update!!


Thanks and looking forward to it!


So everything else can play for free but android just can't? Thanks a lot, dick.


cry about it


“I’m a minor and can’t afford 5 dollars for a 18+ game. I’m crying right now”


You're welcome! :) 

I can see a lot of potential areas that future updates could touch on, like maybe showers, or something. 

And also, maybe it could be beneficial to add more detail to the various locations and also add more scenes to areas that are already in the game, But I have zero clue how much time and effort that would take, And it would also probably take away from adding new stuff, So I dunno, All in due time.



Yeah for sure! We wanna add new areas with new stuff before going back to already made areas, but will be adding some more world details and secrets in the next update ;) 

The game is instantly crashing on my Pixel 8 Pro and cannot open.

Are you using the 64 bit version? Pixel 8 Pro can't open the 32 bit version 

Also Pixel 8, also crashing 64bit

Thanks. Will look into.

The thumbnail of the game gave everyone an imagination of the pool scene

how do you cumflate someone for the achievement???

At the vending, you can buy cumulation as an option. 

So the android version you have to pay for? Is there a way it comes free or is it literally only locked by a paywall? Interested but still deciding


There are 2 reasons. First, android is harder to make. Second, a majority of minors has android, so the 5$ also helps to detect that

Very based ^

Correct! And so it won't ever be free. 

I actually understand lol. Though pay walls are annoying sometimes, in these circumstances it makes sense. Ill buy game soon lol

I'm 22 by way lol. Don't know if that matters lol


Greetings developer! Disadvantages of the Android version, such as incomplete tail textures when catching a girl with ears, animation of the golden girls' legs in the locker, leg textures extend beyond their outlines. The toilet does not open, if the attempt is unsuccessful, everything works, it would be logical to fix it so that it also opens when caught. It would be possible to add the golden girl to the gym and other locations !!WHAT WOULD BE HARMONIOUS IN THE GAME!! For example, girls would come out of those closed classes, it would be logical and not empty. there is also a toilet in the location: in the background there will be girls standing near the mirror, and in the gym, hanging on ropes. That's all I wanted to say. thank you very much for the game!

Good game! there are some errors. How the toilet won't open when you Catch the girl There is still no piece of the cat's tail when you add it, and so all is well! I have ideas for new improvements...like breasts! Big or small! It would be possible to add it to the machine too, And that’s all I have!

Small breast would make this game, unfit, the itch’s rules, I think

When this updates, will it be possible to transfer save files to the newest version?

Yeah uses the same save file every time so your progress will carry over. 

pls help

I payed and installed but can’t find it


What device are you on? You can’t play it on Ios. And have you tried to go to the download document?



I am really confused, what happened to the Tentacle Locker where you bought different lockers? Can't find it anywhere

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

You mean the inspired game? It’s called lovecraft locker: tentacle lust, still on itch. By strange girl


*casually scrolling through the comments while waiting for the update* (good game though)


Why is android money


It’s harder to make, and don’t you dare moaning about that


Three things

1. I started making games more complicated than this over 2 years ago that work on any mobile device

2. Don't you mean, "don't you dare moan about that" not "moaning"

3. I was just asking a question, no need to be rude

  1. Ok
  2. It’s google translate
  3. Because plenty of people has been complaining since android need money

1. Thanks for understanding

2. If you knew how to spell Google translate wouldn't change it

3. I just scrolled down a little bit and didn't read all the comments


It also helps deter minors from accessing the game. Mobile devices are more accessible than PCs these days. 


Thanks for an actual answer

Can you tell me roughly when the new version will be released? It's so hard to wait..

Until  well.


Sorry, don't have a date due to illness so it's thrown off any timeline we had. Not much work left on it, so once we can it will be soon. 


Get well soon.

get well soon :) 


You made the original game worse




ru fking kidding me


I hope the game has improvements because there is very little


Just wait


40 Days ago was the announcements for both - update being 90% done and Annue getting sick. Jump to today, Annue still sick... 40 Days constant? Must be ebola or the black plague or syphilis...


It may be serious.


They got sick with one thing for about a week. Got sick with another thing a few days after that for like 2 weeks. Went on antibiotics that ended up not helping, so currently on the tail of of antibiotics round 2 and hopefully better soon 🤞

Sorry for the delay 🙇 not fun for anyone! 


Gosh, this makes me feel so concerned


Working on getting other people to help out possibly too, so can prevent any further or future delays. 

I can't play it keeps closing on android

64 or 32 bit? 

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