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Well...  which will it be? 
Sex??   or Treat? ;) 

 - Explore the neighborhood and "help" all the residents get ready for the biggest party on the block. 

 - Transform into unique costumes and unlock their special power ups around the world. 

 - Fully voiced and beautifully drawn scenes await you! 

(All optional) Kinks Include:  MF, Yaoi, Yuri, FemDom, Dress Up, Anal, Object Insertion, Blowjobs, Threesomes and Group Sex. 


Project Lead: HotPink 

Voice Director: @SukeBanchoR18 

Main Character and other Art: @colormuteNSFW 

Voice talent: 


Writer: @HeroicFizzer

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Sex or Treat 1.1 Linux 155 MB
Sex or Treat 1.1 PC32 137 MB
Sex or Treat 1.1 PC64 140 MB
Sex or Treat 1.1 Mac 146 MB

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Cute little game! Really appreciated the variety of partners, kinks and genders available. Would be nice to see more quality of life features like a gallery, but still a great little erotic game.


Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it! ^_^ 


This was fun to sit down and just play through, kind of reminds me of another game I also enjoyed that used the dress up gain powers mechanic. Huh, anyways I enjoyed this a lot and I think this could have the potential to be more. But for now I shall just enjoy the game as is, just wish there was a little more yaoi but I can't complain.


any more updates?


What more would you want to see? :) 

There is always this year's halloween maybe ;) 


hypnotism would be nice


Reminds me a lot of Costume Quest!

will there be a mobile version? im using my computer be it just broke down for a few hours and i really want to save all my progress on my phone.

no mobile plans currently 

This doesn't work on Mac. I get a grey loading page for nw.js that never goes away.


Can I ask what Mac OS you are currently on? Happy to look into it and make sure we get a version working for you :) 

I'm using 10.14.5 Mojave

Very weird! I've tested on 10.14.6 and works fine. I hate to ask... but you did download the mac version right? 

That's fine. Yes, I downloaded the mac version.

Hmmm, any way you could send me a screenshot of what it looks like?? 

is this a mobile friendly game?

Nope! Pc Mac or Linux standalone app :) 


Cute little game. Happy I got it. 

Thanks for the kind words 😊


too  bad about the gay content, could have been a really good game 


Homophobia be like


i mean thats more sexual preference


no, @syscooo knew about what was inside of the game since is stated in the page here on itch.io, if you don't like a type of content you can just avoid it. if you consume the content knowing that you will not like it and the you have the courage to start bitching about it you are an idiot.


Imagine being homphobic! In 2020! Wow! You must also think that because I'm a chick with a dick that I don't deserve to exist! Too bad dude, I have a right to exist, gay people have a right to exist, and I can't help that my girlcock makes yours look like a shriveled acorn. Suck my dick and choke on it, I yield my time, fuck you.


Having preferences isn't being "hOmOpHoBiC1!1!1!11!!!" Get over yourself you utter psychopath.


Note how the parent post to this is how the entire game is ruined because of gay content. Not just the gay content. Not just that scene. The whole game is ruined for the person who started the comment because of some gay content. That isn't a preference, its homophobia. And yiu clearly fall victim to the same mindset as them. Shame.


"Note how the parent post to this is how the entire game is ruined" Let me stop you right there, because that is verifiably false.

What the other dude said: "too  bad about the gay content, could have been a really good game." 

Note, he never said the entire game. That's what YOU said.

But if calling me "hOmOpHoBiC1!1!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!111" for calling your psycho ass out and reminding you that there's such a thing as preferences makes your psycho furry ass feel better, by all means, keep putting that label on me even tho I don't fit the definition. Put yourself in a mental hospital, cause you need it.


Name checks out, stay winning chad

(1 edit) (+1)(-2)

Hater says what? Feelings are valid because they're personal to the individual. If one wants their feelings to be validated, they shouldn't hate on others' feelings hetero nor homo nor etc.


Ahh was expecting some kind of animation but hey it's just 3 bucks whaddaya expect. Item pickups are glitched, need at least 6-7 attempts to pick them up, costume change is also slightly unresponsive, but otherwise great art!

Working on a fix for those issues in an update. Sorry the art isn't more animated. 

It's alright but I would highly recommend a gallery feature cause going to every house to revisit scenes is very inconvenient 

Deff something I thought about, but ran out of time to implement. Unsure if I can fit that into the first update, but I'll see what I can do ;) 


Is there a way to quit the game? I had it full screen, and the ESC key wasn't doing anything, nor was alt+f4 or any other key combination I tried. I ended up having to kill the game in Task Manager.

Really fun game though! The jianxi was really cute~ :D


Yep! You can hold ESC down for a full second and it should quit the game anywhere!

Sorry I never make that clear 😅but how I do it for most all my games.


Dang, can't find the cane.

That's a tough one ;) 

Deleted 277 days ago

Same here, thought it was just me

Hey! I've never actually tested the itch desktop app, and currently don't do the updates that way. Are you able to download on the site? 

If not, I'd contact itch support and hope they can help :) 

The itch desktop app is a bit fucky. its better to just install from the website.


That painting in the mansion was a little nod to last year's game, wasn't it? ; )

Hehe... what if it's the SAME mansion?!? <.< ...  >.>


I love how charming this game is. It reminds me of CN's Cartoon Resort flash games. Very cute and lewd fun!


Hehe wouldn't that be a nice influence ;) 


why does the door on the left in the mansion not open? There is no endgame right? Also it takes like 50 tries to pick things up and switch costumes lol

Nothing (yet) for the door on the left. Just left it in to tease ;) 

And 50 tries of what? 

I think I know what they are talking about, having a similar issue. I have to try multiple times when walking into items to actually pick them up (even though the text says I found it), and in order to change costumes, I have to mash the change key.

Wonder if its tied to framerate?

Enjoying the game though, simple and nice variety.


I've had some reports of items not getting picked up and I can look into the costume change button! There isn't a buffer for that input but I can make it happen :) thanks!


great game to play before No NUT November 


Better get all your nuts out tonight!!