A downloadable lewd parody game for Windows and macOS

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School's out and our hero Kyoko really REALLY wants to go see her BF Riki. 
But all these dumbs boys are getting in the way. UGH!! 
Better beat em up! Or maybe an even better idea would be to beat em OFF hehe ;) 

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Use the Z button (or the space bar) to knock the socks off enemies with a killer 3 hit combo. Get combos to build up your SP meter to level up by stripping off. That's right, the less clothes you have on the more powerful you will become. But get hit and your power will drop!

Once you have enough SP and knock down a bad guy to the ground you can use the X button (or the E button) to start your... special attack ;P 
Then press the same button to advance to faster speeds and finish them off!! 

Once defeated, the nasty mates will drop all their condoms! Collect these condoms and use them at the special vending machines found in the hallways to buy different pairs of undies. Gotta look cute while bashing heads in ;D 

Will you get to the end and find your precious Riki in time before he finds another, more faithful girl, or will you take your time with all your new boy toys around the school? The choice is up to you in Lewd City Girls!!! 

This project is currently "completed"*, but we won't say no to some fun updates if we have enough support. 

You can find the creators on Twitter here!

The following game is a fan-based parody based on River City Girls by WayForward Technologies Inc. which is a part of the River City / Kunio-Kun series that is owned by
Arc System Works Co., Ltd
All sprites, sounds and any asset was made solely for this project and nothing was ripped from the original. 
None of the creators of this game have any affiliation to either of the companies above. 


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Lewd City Girls 1.0.1 PC.zip 27 MB
Lewd City Girls 1.0.1 Mac.zip 32 MB

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im wowed, yet thouroughly dissapointed.

(3000000 WORDS HERE)


disappointed in what??


that it’s not Longar! #AllLove


haha ok ok ;) 


will not argue, this has enough marrit to what i saw of the game its based on to wish it was a full twist.

very cool idea and wonderful art music and sounds but the 144hz monitor issue that eats a lot of input is rough.

Thanks for the kind words, and sorry about the issue. Has been fixed in future games :D 


nice! gonna be looking into them soon :3


An option where you can replace  all enemys by women would be cool


Please add the other girl, Misako to the game.


Olá poderia lançar para Android???


Fico feliz por ver um BR com um gosto refinado.

no me deja ver las imagenes para ver como es el juego ;-;


very nice game good art and good animations but i think it would be better to have another character like misako  still 10/10


im kid



why are you here then


i turn on the game just for the menu music



Looking for a Mobile Version?


You won't find one, sorry. 


Plss mad Android plss or I report :(


the audacity


Add Android please bc I followd u


I like the look of the game. The animations I were able to view are pretty nice but, I can't really play the game. I believe I have the same issue that arcsharp had. I'm running this game on an 144Hz monitor. That attack button just doesn't work most of the time. The game is fun when it is working tho.


I clicked z and I got so shocked when I sucked the guys dick! The animation though is sweet!! 


can you make it on android?


The concept is simple: Beat 'em up, Suck 'em off/Jerk 'em off. I don't think there's anything else you could want in a game man. 10/10


Thank you for the kind words and review! 


i cant download it! it keeps getting removed


I know this is only a parody but I think that this is a good game, I'd love to see a few new enemies and new stages, bosses, maybe undies giving slight bonuses. a interactable easter egg (you know what I mean, tentacle locker)

That may sound selfish since I can't give any money to help its creation, but I really think this is a good game that'd be better with more to go with it


thanks for the kind words! We are always working on bigger and better games, but no plans to update this one at the moment :) 

Is there any interaction with the tentacle in the last hallway? Is there any benefits to the costumes? If not, why do they cost so much?


The tentacles are just an easter egg 

The costumes are cosmetic, and they cost so much because what else are you gona buy?? 

the tentacles being cosmetic is mean :o

the game is nice :3 if I had one suggestion, it would be better controller support. I'm playing with an xbox 360 controller and I didn't find a button for the special attack.

Hehe thanks ;) 
Yea sorry for no real controller support x(  Future games likely will!


Hi and thanks a lot for your cool video games creations ! I'm doing letsplay video of hentai game and I would like to check with you if it's ok to publish videos on your game ? (knowing that I'm making a bit of ads revenue from this just like any youtuber)


Go for it! If you can link back to the itch page, and/or our twitter (@HotPinkHGames) that'd be awesome, and send us the video :) would love to watch it


Thanks a lot !

I'm a bit miffed there's no lesbian content

ngl it would be a good game in normal but you guys made it +18 :( 


Just go play the real game then lol 


so rape?

can i lower the volume in the game?


After I bought the most expensive outfit in the vending machine I went on my Switch and bought River City Girls 10/10


Way to go! 


it won't run

I would like to see this game on android, I tried it on pc but it's not mine, but I loved it


I really like the game, the pixel art is beautiful, just one question, are there any plans to expand the experience besides swimsuits (or underwear)? (I translated this by google, sorry for the mistakes)


Thanks! No plans to expand this project at this time. 


This has been an awesome experience, not gonna lie whenever i played them retro beat em ups im imagining the characters having sex lol. Just one question, will there be an android port? cuz it would be great to be able to bring it around


Thanks for the kind words! But no plans for an android port at this time. 


Because of this game I went and played River City Girls. Now I want more from this one, Lol



great game, bit short but still amazing.

have u thought of porting the game to android (srry if typo somewhere)


Para Android por fa

I cant figure out how to run this game could anyone help


What's going wrong? 

i cant figure out how to run the game

(1 edit)

I will download the game but I cant find where the out file to start up the game is?

Mac or PC? 

I am on pc


you should add more outfits and a new level

Was that Ken Ashcorp as the title music?? I swear I saw his panda in the halls too, that's a pleasant surprise, and honestly hilarious because I wouldn't put it past him to work on a porn game lmao


We cannot confirm nor deny that 🙃


For android please:((


I hope for Android version in future, i have no pc but this game look good :)


Love the game, 9/10, would play again.

All I gotta reccomend for a smol update, new animations or new character?


I hope to release the Android version

GG gaming kata ilham

I really want the loop that plays in the actual game!

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