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You play as a bartender on a lonely night, when a very pretty lady lends you her company, her life story, and maybe even more if you make her the right drinks ;) But don't worry, there are no wrong answer here!

Use your mouse to look around, click on drinks, and other actions. 

The main bartending game is publicly available for free. To get access to the fully UNCENSORED lewd scenes and the Original Soundtrack, pledge $5+ to our Patreon or pay $5+ here on Itch.

Funded by our Patreon. Many creators were involved in this project and without your support it could not have been possible. Pledging any amount here, or on Patreon help fund more lewd games being made! 


Producer: HotPink - @HotPinkGames 

Voice: Dude That's Lewd - @DudeTLewd

Art and Animation: Depmin - @deepmin2929

Music "Drift Away" and "just one drink" - Michael Staple - @mstaple_music

Other free music provide by VOiD1Gaming. 

Special Thanks: Minkye Vboy for the original character design. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(199 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Anime, asmr, Atmospheric, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Pixel Art, Voice Acting
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Intoxicant Linux Free 89 MB
Intoxicant Mac Free 85 MB
Intoxicant PC Free 82 MB
Intoxicant Linux 104 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Intoxicant PC 97 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Intoxicant Mac 99 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Intoxicant OST 42 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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Android version, now!

Can you make android version ? Game looks rly nice and I love the art style but I play only on android 

No sorry

No problem thanks for response and Good luck on your future projects

Thanks, will do!

I definitely like the artstyle, the use of 2D & 3D gives the game a more unique look. I haven't played the full version yet but imo it seems a little too easy to get into the lady's pants. I know that's a bit of a weird critique for a porn game but it's just a thought I had. 


Yeah, you can't fail 😜 but part of the fun right? 

Part of me wants to buy the lewd version but the rest of me just wants to hug her yet I don’t know why. Please help me I am very conflicted on what to do


Buying will make her very happy :) 

한국어 버전은 왜 안만드나요? 다른나라 언어도 만들어 주세요 그럼 매일 즐길수있을것같습니다.

So sorry. I never planed to make this for other languages, so it would be impossible for now. I'll work better in the future so other games we make can be translated! 


Howdy HotPink! Loved the game and the chill mood that it gives. Loved the music and loved the artwork. I can't wait to hear about more games in the future! ;)


Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed, and deff look forward to more!


OST's real good. game is too short, but I'm ok with that.


non sex ver actually good for chillin

bro is that DTL?




Where can i get a full one for free

Why ya want that? 

Cause it cost 75k in my currency

(1 edit)

did u get it for free?


I am so sorry to hear about the economic troubles you and your country are going through

i   i think its make me comfortabe:)

i payed 5 bucks and nothing happend

Will an option be implemented to turn off or adjust the voice acting volume? It's a little loud compared to the bgm

it's made to be heard louder than the bgm, and we can't update it for this project, but maybe future ones. 


What are the drink combos for all the scenes? I'm lazy and don't wanna have to do the game more times than I have to.

You need to make drinks of the same kind (rum, vodka, whiskey)

really? Dang. I was really dumb…

The game looks so good but there no android version😭

Can u make one plz?

No sorry

fajna gra


After completing the game, I do have to say that it is the quality that I've come to expect from any Hotpink game, however I just cant help but feel that for the amount of content that is here that it's not worth 5 USD. Don't get me wrong, the game is great for what it is, but $5 for 3 nsfw scene seems a bit much in my opinion.


Well we gota fund quality with money, so thanks for your support, but how many nuts you getting with that $5? ;) 

hi, hotpink i want to buy it , but i have a question this is the final release? I hope to see it on steam someday, cheers keep the good work! 


Yes it's the final release for this project. No plans to have it on Steam right now, sorry! 


sure no problem, and thx for the reply, I already sent the 6 dls it's not much but it's an honest job, I'm just waiting for the mail to download the game, I want to try it! cheers!!



False advertising. I searched for FREE games and this popped up only for the author to make the actual game 5 bucks and give everyone else a demo.

I understand making a living, but dont advertise it as free you tosser. Never getting your shit now, douchebag


There is plenty of games you can play for free, just the lewd stuff is paid, and we say that right on the page lol. We have plenty of other fully free stuff if ya really want :P 

It's written everywhere that there are both a free and paid version, even the download page tells you so. Not sure where is the problem in that, especially considering the art style's quality


I think the premise of the game is very appealing however, Steam version? I would be curious to know about it.

No plans to put this on steam. It would be too short to do well. but maybe if we expand on it some day. 


bro show the fucking sex scenes i got so fucking mad when i saw i downloaded it and everything and no sex scenes


well get the paid full version and you do ;) 


i the reson i am complaning is cause i dont got no money i am poor


well too bad  you need to pay bruv

Simple Solution There's a like a million games on itch.io if you dont have money just delete it and look for a new game I personally wouldn't spend money on something like this it's a temporary fix if you have a pc theres a million good hgames dont waste money on temporary fixes like this.

i'm follow you on itch.oi and i don't get the scenes 😢


Gota get the full paid version :P 


bruh with 5 dollars i better get a snack


Oh it's quite the snack ;) 


weird a sex game demo with no sex...


nah fuck you glad i skipped all the bullshit i ain't paying no patreon


lol ok? Thanks for the comment I guess. You can pay on here as well if you wanna support, but not on patreon. 


What he meant is that he would prefer if you had a free version, which you should have. just let it be 1 version behind and you'll get more player on your game.


There is a free version though? 
Or you saying it shouldn't have a free version? I'm confused haha 


with no sex scenes (or atleast from the route i took) there is yeah, but whats the point of a 18+ game with no sex scene.


Which is why you *pay for the r18 game*
How entitled can you be


how i can get more scane sex? i only got titjob


Use other types of drinks ;)


can you put a android version pls


Your game looks amazing! Can I make a video playing it? I will add where it can be bought  and your Patreon ^^(knowing that I post it on porn website and get some ad revenue from my videos) thanks for reading me!


Sure thing! Would love to see you playing it!!


Hi! I liked this game a lot, but i'd like to buy a completer version in the future: are you planning to create a bigger version of this game, to release it also on Steam? Because i think the idea you realized have a lot of potential and i like to see more of it! :) <3 (i'm sorry if i diminish your work: it absolutely isn't my intention)

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Thanks for the support and kind words! No plans to currently, but we will see about the future!! 

Well, we'll see! XD


I want free h scean!!


too bad! Stop being entitled and pay creators for their work if you want their work!


Beautiful style! I'll give it a try later, it looks like a good game to me



我超 遇到国人了()


确实 感觉游戏都是懂得就懂 不懂的靠猜大意()

Can you make an android version?

Its fine if you don't want to.


Christ dude!


Mr.qorrew. No s4x scene because it is a kids game man!


heyy! i wanted to ask, how do i support the official release to get access to a s4x scene? i dont understand :(


Pay $5+ here, or be our Patron for the same amount. 

o ty!


A neat game


More than anything, good job with this, it was such a pleasant surprise to hear DTL (Pwupster's) voice in my ear for this game, honestly I got the free version at first but after hearing her voice, yeah you can take my money I've gotta see the rest. Great work on the pixel art and the atmosphere they blend together extremally well. 


Thanks for the super kind words! And deff our goal with the free version so you can get that taste ;) 


plz add the uncensored version free




because is good like bob flanagan 


since the other guy gave an invalid answer, here's a good one: Not everyone has enough money to spend for it. and for those people. it'd feel kinda 'blue-ball'y to paywall a scene like that.



It's... blue-bally... to charge for the complete product?

Can you update the Chinese version?awa

We don't have an official Chinese version :/ sorry

No me deja ni comprarlo, le pongo en comprar y no sale para confirmar o algo 

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