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You play as a bartender on a lonely night, when a very pretty lady lends you her company, her life story, and maybe even more if you make her the right drinks ;) But don't worry, there are no wrong answer here!

Use your mouse to look around, click on drinks, and other actions. 

The main bartending game is publicly available for free. To get access to the fully UNCENSORED lewd scenes and the Original Soundtrack, pledge $5+ to our Patreon or pay $5+ here on Itch.

Funded by our Patreon. Many creators were involved in this project and without your support it could not have been possible. Pledging any amount here, or on Patreon help fund more lewd games being made! 


Producer: HotPink - @HotPinkGames 

Voice: Dude That's Lewd - @DudeTLewd

Art and Animation: Depmin - @deepmin2929

Music "Drift Away" and "just one drink" - Michael Staple - @mstaple_music

Other free music provide by VOiD1Gaming. 

Special Thanks: Minkye Vboy for the original character design. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(329 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Anime, asmr, Atmospheric, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Pixel Art, Voice Acting
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Download NowName your own price

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Intoxicant Linux Free 89 MB
Intoxicant Mac Free 85 MB
Intoxicant PC Free 82 MB
Intoxicant Linux 104 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Intoxicant PC 97 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Intoxicant Mac 99 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Intoxicant OST 42 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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i very like soundtrack , can someone share it? i can't found it by myself in the game's file

the radio music

man im to dum to know how to play

este juego esta para 64 bits y no para 34 bits deberian sacar las 2 versiones para 64 bits y para 32 bits para el que no tenga 64 bits

Whats her name?


pretty meh isnt really a demo to me


Could you make a android port please


havent bought the full game yet, but tbh just making the drinks is fun. for the demo 10/10 cause making drinks is fun

yay! Glad you having fun :) What's your fav drink to make then? 


the dark russian :33 honestly if you made a game just for mixing drinks i'd so play it 

how many scenes are there in total?

3 lewd scenes 


Is there an Android app? , I don’t have an iPhone to install this game and play it.


No mobile version at all, sorry. 

OK, thanks


the game is worth 5 bucks definitely recommend

i knew that voice was familiar didn't think i'd find Dude That's Lewd of all places lol


Hi, dear author Intoxicant. I really liked your game and I would like to translate it into Russian. Is there any way I can get the localisation files? Thanks in advance for the answer!

Will this game be compatible with mobile in the future or no?


will there be a intoxicant 2


Hmmm not sure yet. Maybe? 

I actually have a idea if there is one

Always happy to hear ideas

so if there is going to be intoxicant 2 maybe you can customise the girl and if your a patreon you can get a exclusive skin or a secret scene and i also have a idea fore a new game would you like to hear about it



Best 5 bucks lol


All the weird stuff set aside this game is a really great game and I suggest you make a pixel bar game bc I enjoyed that part of the game 


weird stuff??

What I mean by weird stuff is like the sex scenes?
(not trying to say your animations are weird its just I dont really use itch io often so I dont know what I can say or cannot say) 


You can say whatever you want! Is something weird about them? 

No its perfectly fine-

I'll try joiplay with this game:)


Nice heh

forgot joiplay has limits :(


wha happen?

how do i run this on chromebook/linux?

Do the linux version? idk about chromebook


i wish i was not broke

Hi I'm new here, I'll just ask if when will you release it on Android?

Never for this game, sorry. 


Oh damn lol didnt read the credits just started playing and immediately was like "DudeTlewd!!! <3" Love her stuff on the hub haha

Deleted post

Thanks for the kind words, and glad you enjoyed it!

how to istall on chromebook because the game hans't tutorial to istall

idk if you can haha chromebooks weird. Is it like linux or something?

(1 edit)

ChromeOS is apparently Linux-based, so I'd imagine you can run the Linux build on it. If I had a Chromebook to test with, I would, but alas...

bro i completely forgot dtl does this because ive only been watching her wholesome asmr on youtube bruh actual jumpscare for a sec

heh, nice?

I'm sorry, but I didn't receive an email even though I purchased it. Do I have to send the security code in 7 digits?

Hmm check your email and preferences. Not sure how that works, but sounds like you should yes. 

(1 edit)

『Hello, We show multiple purchase attempts for this game, but none of them have completed successfully, and we cannot grant access to the content without a successful purchase. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. Thank you.』
When I sent an email to the support, a transformation came to me. Do you know what to do if it doesn't complete successfully?

Looks like it never got finished fully. Try again and make sure the purchase goes fully though. You will have to complete everything it asks of you. 


이거 어떻게 깨요 조금만 더 쉽게 만들어 주세요.

I never comment on games but HOLY this game is SO good. I know its old but man this game would be a perfect candidate to receive new content. Or maybe Intoxicant 2.


Thanks for the kind words! It doesn't feel too old to us xD and no plans to yet, but ya never know ;) 

yo! Weird request/question, but is there a chance you could make the glasses toggleable?

neat idea, but no sorry not here. 


Android version

DTL was a great choice for VA, great game HotPink!

Thanks! Always love getting to work with her 😊

very good game, shows what can happen if you get too drunk


How many lewd scenes are there in the game?

Do you have other pay section other than Paypal and (un)holy credit card? 

Or itch only have Paypal and credit card for pay section

Yeah payments are done by itch. Maybe try the Patreon to see if anything else that works better for you? 


Loved the interaction and gameplay of the game! Is there going to be any more updates to this? Would love to see more to do with making different drinks and maybe more characters? They don't need to be voiced really just the gameplay itself is good and reading the different reactions is great. Anyways great game!


Thanks for the kind words! No plans on any updates yet, but maybe a sequel some day? 


Are the scenes in the free game or no

hey hotpink is there like some way that you can prove you wont drain my bank account?

from buying our games? Well itch handles the payments, so we don't see any of that info. 

I have an idea...what if the woman just strait up rejects u


Are the people ready for that kinda pain?!? I'm all for it... but players might get mad haha

what's the point of a game with no challenge,winning would mean alot more if it took some skill or atleast common sense

I have an idea for Intoxicant
Reply if you want to hear it.

Sure go for it

So, basically, as you play,  you get access to different characters, and many more drinks, but the characters vary in difficulty of getting the lewd scenes, and the new drinks are the key to getting them drunk.

how do you get it on chromebook?

No clue!

Does your Chromebook have a Linux development environment? If you enable that you'll be able to get it. An alternative would be games available for Android, but this game doesn't have that.

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