Day 1 Patch LOL Ver. 1.0.1

Thanks for all the support so far! A quick update to patch some bugs we didn't find ourselves so thanks for sharing 🤗

  • Fixed a small mistake where the BJ anim while wearing the plain white undies never finishes. 
  • Made the quit button on the menu actually quit the game but why would you wanna do that?? 
  • Intro Menu music now loops cause you all like it so much :)

Let us know if you find any other bugs or even if you want anything changed. Maybe we can make it happen! 


Lewd City Girls 1.0.1 27 MB
Sep 19, 2019
Lewd City Girls 1.0.1 32 MB
Sep 19, 2019

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I haven't found this character you can supposedly find if you're fast enough. Even dodging everyone and rushing around.

Would be nice if you could mute music, I haven't found out how if you can.

And a gallery of some sort would be nice, easily see completed animations/scenes.


wow good job looks just like the game