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Please. Delete this game from internet

Why's that? 😢


because it is disgusting, and gathers around itself only weebs


maybe delete the internet Wijolt, its not for you fam.


@Hotpink no need to delete a game that some people don't like. Honestly, anyone under 18 shouldn't be viewing any game like this.


Here comes our white knight on his trusty donkey "abstinence" telling adults what to do. 


pls expand this game


expand dong.


Everything about this is amazingly well done. graphics and audio is easily 9/10, Only problem is the game-play is much too short. I would easily pay for a version of this with at least 30 minutes of content (unlockables aside). As it stands right now its just too short. I really hope you provide some more content for it.


Thanks for your kind words and maybe can make something bigger for you in the future!! 

Update please


This game rules and the animations are super hot! More pleeeeeease <3


Really hope you guys keep building on this! Game over lewds and yuri would be amazing!

I second this

What is the use of the tentacle?



I need more lewd scenes!! This game is just awesome!


I made the game crash by getting hit while changing screen.

Other than that, great game.


Lots of fun, and such the art really remains faithful to the original! 10/10 would cum again


Good game, lots of fun.  Plenty of potential to expand it.  Even just collecting the clothes makes you want to keep grinding.

What's the name of the guy who sings the intro song?


make one when you use a guy and the girls try to fuck you that would be good


can this used be mod to real River city girls? (panty shot combat)

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Fantastic Game ever!!

This game is a simple action game and has pixel sensitivity. And most of all, it's a lewd game!!

I love femdom factor, especially!

Kyoko is so lovely and lewd when she did!

i want to more lewd things!

It would be better if had a boss match.

After she knocked down the boy's boss, it would be the best if we had a special animation!!

Anything is fine.

Please, Don't tell me it's over here!


i would love to see this as a full game id definitely pay for it 


Fun but short. Needs more lewd!


when can we get the full game though? love the game as well!


Is this not full enough for you?!? 
We might do some updates :)


it would be even better if it was longer with different enemies and new areas! maybe some more sex animations would be nice to if that could be done in a future update that would be lit!




Very good game. Nicely animated and drawn. 10/10 <3


wow your work is really good but please ad the black hair girl   :D


once you unlock the vending machine clothes it sometimes feels pointless to go for as once your horny meter hits full your nude anyways.

I do love the game mechanics beat em up get horny and fuck em to dead and depending how full the bar will decide what pose she'll use


Ya'll should include a second control scheme for left handed fappers.

If you are really motivated I'm sure you can make it work ;) 


Add the ability to fight while pregnant please.

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I love this game already, i really hope you continue developing it!


Nice little game, but what is the point of the outfits if the girl just strips for the sex scenes? Could there be an option to keep them on please?

They stay on for the BJ ;) 

The game crash when I try to walk through the first door.
Someone knows why?


When is Shantae joining the roster?  /joking

Anyhow, you might want to contact the folks behind Dandy Boy Adventures.  They have have a couple of mini-games in there, a beat'em up wouldn't be amiss.

It might be a good chance for some networking with fellow hentai developers, and maybe some coin too?

Pretty much mentioned them, since the art style is close enough to LCG's aesthetic.

Yes I do know about them!! They are making some great stuff too


You might want to also check out the Haremon, Strive4Power, and Third Crisis games.  It is good, seeing western hentai games starting to take off. 

Couldn't have believed it five years ago.   :)


Yes I know many of those people and games!!


I wish you didn't lie about ripping the sprites, you absolutewly 100% ripped these sprites. If you made them yourself, there'd be more than a single enemy. Sure, you edited in sex scenes, but the rest are 1:1 with the in game sprites, I know bc i checked it. literally the same shit. 

don't be dishonest, jeez


Hey temmienko, thanks for your comment. 

About 80% of the work was done way before the game came out so we couldn't have ripped the sprites, and if you know where to look you can see the differences ;) 

We wanted to keep the same style, so seems like a win in our book that you thought they were! 


I made a thread explaining that we did not rip anything.

There's only one enemy because of time. We wanted to release this as close to the original's release date.

The sprites are not 1:1. It's not hard to see they are different on my comparison. And the 2nd and 3rd attacks are just whole completely different actions.


This was a lot of fun! I enjoyed it a lot and would love to see further development. maybe more animations and some different enemies


That might be the plan ;) 


This game is beyond amazing, so much so that i'm going to buy the game even though I just played it for free. The animations are hot as hell and I love the character. Please continue to develop this because its one of those really rare side scrollers that are easy enough to play and yet have amazing graphics and really hot animations.

Thank you so much for the kind words and support!! 


Any chance that a Linux version can be made? I mean you already have both Windows and Mac covered... probably can't be that hard to port to Linux?

I'll look into it, but I wouldn't have any way to test it tbh. 


I wonder if Misako knows anything about this....or does she do this too!?


Sad thing is....i totally see kyoko doing something like this.


Hehe ;3


few more animations and maybe a actual lose animation as well as different enemies and this game one of the better ones out there


i agree




Deff wanna add in some more stuff if we have the support :) 
And like a lewd lose anim?!? 


For exemple, the NPC that get the killing blow can have his way on the fainted Kyoko. Maybe an other one or two can join in if they are close enough. That's my suggestions :) 


Exactly what I was thinking!

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Some female enemies to get yuri lewds from woild be nice, as well.


That's at the top of our list for sure!! 


I really love this, and I hope you end up adding some more content for it


Easy to see why this made it to the top of the popular list! Really hoping you add to it in the future, one really small thing that got me was condoms occasionally ending up out of reach. ("On top" of lockers for instance). Also really liked the little Easter Egg in the final level! Keep it up!


That easter egg in the final level, is the tentacle in the locker?, is that an animation?


If i'm reading into it right it's a nod towards Tentacle Locker, another Hotpink game. 


ahh i love river city girls!! its so cool of you guys to make this and kyoko is also who i play as so it just makes it better

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Hi! nice game!

I found that sometimes the game enters in an infinite loop in the bl*wj*b animation and no matters wich key I press it does not respond...

Edit: I found that this error occurs only while you wear the white bikini outfit

to get the different animation is by the SP bar. there are 3 stats the bar can be at, blue for the hj animation, pink for bj and full bar for cowgirl.


Yes this is a bug! I fix soon! TY <3 

Fuck yeah. New game by HotPink and worked with Annue!

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