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“Huh, What’s this Drink? 

A Love Potion that makes you irresistible to any girl. 

Yea right, that only works in the movies and anime

But… what if it really DOES work?” 

Only one way to find out 😉

Play “Irresistible” by the HotPink Games Circle and see how many sexy situations you can get yourself into! Enjoy the smooth sexy sounds while you sit back and relax in this immersive experience. 

The 1st scene is publicly available for free. To play the rest, pledge $5+ or more to our Patreon or pay $5+ here for the Final Cut version.

Funded by Patreon. Many creators were involved in this project and without your support it could not have been made. 

By adding a donation or pledging on our Patreon, those funds go directly towards continuing this project and others like it! 

Credits: HotPink 

Concept and Writer: Dude That's Lewd - @DudeTLewd

Artists: Holliburd - @holliburdBadLavender - @LavenderBadTrap - @Dr_thumt 

Voice Actors: ZeroDiamonds - @ZeroDiamonds, MissNilla - @nilla_miss, MeltySlush - @MeltySlush

Some 3D models used from Google Poly, and some UI assets from Kenny.nl

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 2.9 out of 5 stars
(193 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Dating Sim, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Voice Acting
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Irresistible Public PC 30 MB
Irresistible Public Mac 33 MB
Irresistible FinalCut Mac 42 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Irresistible FinalCut PC 39 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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How long is the Final Cut right now

I've ended up paying twice yet still can't download the full version

Need to contact itch support for payment support. Not sure why it wouldn't let you do the download as long as paying enough for it. 


Best quick question: android?

Quick Question: Impregnation?


Theres only one scene why?


you have to pay for the rest


because this is a pay to coom




can you make more sex scenes


The only reason im downloading this game is because of the hot goth gf and nothing else


Nice haha


is she Ramona Flowers?


Don't buy the game. You only get three scenes, and the devs havn't updated the game in almost 2 years.


Well any money you do give goes to make more games, but yea I get it. 

i cant stop doing the free scene over n over again..


welp, before I buy, might as well ask, is there an anal scene?


Not in this game. For better or worse I guess haha


ah damn. oh well. thank you for the reply :)


In our other game "Intoxicant" there is one! 


Ooo. good to know. that was another one I am interested in.


Yay!! Hope you can enjoy it ^_^


Can we  have a  android version please






Deleted 278 days ago

Pls make a Android Version pls🥺

(1 edit) (+6)

Bought the Final cut, first scene there's no motion and ones it "finishes", the screen goes black. :I
Tested it on the public version too, no animation.




Damn hotpink must really hate doing games on android huh


and I don't have one to test with :P 


could use blue stacks


Kinda sad it ain't on mobile but eh, what am I gonna do about it

Luna reminds me so much of Jirou idk why-

yeah she actually kinda looks like her ngl

Will you release the next scene for non patreon ?


you can pay for the final cut here too! 

Can I use joiplay to play this on Android?

honestly, no clue haha. 

shes not /hj   im too broke to afford the next secene  , but like great game!


Will you be planning to make an Android version?






Make this available on android 


do you ever plan on making the all of the scenes free? im not poor im just asking


Not at this time


Do you ever plan on making the 2nd part free or have your already?


Not at this time


$5 just to essentially get two pictures and some audio for an unfinished scene? For something called the "Final cut" I expected it to be a bit more... complete. I mean the preview images are literally a third of the entire thing.


Glad I saw this, I was about to buy ^^* if I can get the whole experience just glancing at the previews I'll probably get a different game

we have plenty of other games too :) 


sadly none of the games have the content i'm looking for ^^* i've heard good things about some, though! 


what kinda stuff you looking for? Maybe it will be in a future game :)


Sad no android :<


ah if only this were on android. alas tho, it is not. might download on pc but idk yet.


The art is nice, but it feels more like a slideshow rather than a game or visual novel.


The visuals are more secondary for this project, with the main focus being on the voice and sound ;) 
Hope you enjoyed it! 

Dudetlewd for the win OwO

She helped with the concept and some of the writing, but none of the voice actually. 
But stay tuned for updates on a project that does have her voice in it ;) 


will the android version released?


no plans for that

So, will you reply once the next scene is out for free?(I know, it's cheap.)

Not likely anytime soon, but yea, follow for updates ;)


i cant download it...it wont work!

what do you mean?

i downloaded it but it just wont show up when i click it

Did you unzip the file? 

tried to....it just removed itself

try extracting if your on windows


When Will The Next ''Chapter'' Be Realised?


Currently on hold. Had some complications that stalled production, so started on some other projects. But I still like the core idea here, so maybe will come back to at some point :) 


Great! Thank you for reply and updating me with more info :)

Hope you can enjoy what we have done already 😊


Your work is amazing ! Keep going ;D

Thank you for the kind words!!


How to jerk off at the beginning on pc?


In the bedroom scene? Move your mouse up and down on the cock ;) 


There's the video, it doesn't work(

Hmmm very weird. I have not seen this before. Is there any reason the game wouldn't be able to detect your mouse? Maybe some other program controlling it or something?? 

(1 edit)

I installed it on a virtual machine, VMware Workstation, can it be a reason?

Could be! I never tested on a virtual machine. And unsure how that reads the mouse inputs. 

paid the five bucks but didn't get the final cut

Might be best to get in touch with Itch support if there was a payment problem. https://itch.io/support


Ngl I kinda wish it was all free bc I'm poor :((


im getting it on friday 21st 


I just have to say it. I love the art and especially the logo! The gif screenshot is also quite erotic ^^
(this background does my eyes tho) ><


Port to android?

Unlikely, but maybe some day

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