Final Cut OUT NOW!

Happy Valentines Day Cuties!

We've just released the "Final Cut" of this project. Featuring all the Patron content PLUS the cut scene with @EndymionVA
voice work. Things got a little bumpy at times, but I hope it brought you a smile, or something else ;) 

Look forward to many new projects coming up soon!! 

 - HP 


Irresistible FinalCut Mac 42 MB
Feb 14, 2021
Irresistible FinalCut PC 39 MB
Feb 14, 2021

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When I click the Download link i get the August 2020 version?

Try using the main game page?


My bad I didn't realize it was 5$

Is the project still being worked on?

No more updates planned as of now. Lots of other things we wanna work on. But would be happy to come back to some day! 

Will there be a android version?