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You should use 1.1 if it works for you cause it's better and has more stuff :) 




Hey! I found a bug on my version...i'm using 1.1 but for some reason the game decides to freeze after a couple of the in-locker animations...


Are the settings/progress file(s) within the game folder, or are they save somewhere else? I would like to back this up if necessary (not in game folder)

How to reset game data? Option button is not working.

Ya, I got problems with options too, hoping for a volume down button or something lols




I mean... it's basically feature complete.


Day 256: The updates no longer come, the game has died a painful death, we will no longer see the potential of the fabled game known as Tentacle Locker...


Still no update..?


pleas i want the android version pls make it i fallowd you


Will there be more visuals or more things to do in the future?


I like it, I didnt have any issues with crashing or lag. Suggestion: Start off with rubbing, then progress to undressing, then various sex acts. Links with the total number of each type of girl you've caught. So if you catch 5 blondes you can undress the blonde, etc. Feels more like an interactive, which is fine! Good job!



I hope this receives more content and updates in future. Very good concept and execution of a game! Good job hotpink.


I love this cute little game! super cute, super sexy. aside from problems people have been having with the game crashing,  great game!


Have you considered exporting this to Linux and Mac?

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I found a quick fix for the people whose computer freezes or game crashes when they open the game.

It has to be done every time the game is launched and quickly (Literally before the initial 18+ warning screen ends).
1.- Open Task Manager
2.- Details Tab
3.- Open Tentacle Locker (After this you have to be quick)
4.- Find Tentacle Locker in Details
5.- Right Click
6.- Set Affinity (or something similar)
7.- Uncheck cores (I left only 1 checked and it worked perfectly)
8.- Accept/Ok

This seems to happen because Unity loads everything without concern for the memory and can end up killing some lower end PCs, I am sure it can be fixed by the devs (future update hopefully).

PD: Loved the game, cute, lewd and to the point, bless you for making this HotPink team(?).


Your not helping


pls answer: I open the game i see 18+ and now just a Black Screen


Yea, I'm getting the same problem. Is the game broken?

Please make it so we can increase the size of the window to fit the screen.

game keeps saying file forbidden and wont finish downloading. dang


Beaten the living shit of my meat to this game until my hand was numb and my dick felt weird



when is the next update?


Black Long Hair Lover ♥


i feel you there, short hair preference on my side tho

I'd go for gold, not legit gold, I mean the goldilocks

Damn. Not even me.

how'd you get more than the top 4

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why is there a black screen


and now the game wont open 


I had the same problem, maybe try downloading the 64bit version? I'm trying that now if that works.


Okay that didn't work for me, but you might wanna try it still.

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Wallpaper Engine?
Sometimes its fun to just watch the halls.
Maybe occasionally a girl will get snatched at random.


Ha! That would be really fun but I have no idea how to do that at the moment. 

If it's easy enough to learn than maybe? 

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I'm not entirely sure how it works myself.
But from what I can gather, the formats
you can use are GIF, Video, Scenes (in-engine built), and WebGL (or HTML5).
It might just be as easy as some editing the unity project for auto-play and exporting it as WebGL.
The only downside is lewd stuff is against ToS for Wallpaper Engine, so a few things would have to be SFW'd (nothing said against innuendo ;) ).

example of functioning WebGL:

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Everytime i try to run the game, it does not run. 

good game. :)

And nobody told me it was a porn game (._. )


So you saw the screenshot with a girl with her legs spread and skirt up, and the screenshot with the logo surrounded by '18+' In red and were surprised when it was a hentai game?

Deleted 333 days ago

also the tags are literally,,, anime, cute, erotic, girl, hentai, locker, nsfw, school, tentacle, tentacles

They probably came from angel jump like I did, that game was sfw(?), and got curious?


when will there be updates to this game?


Yeah. I'm being waiting since last year and there is no update at all.

Updates are currently on hold as we are preparing for our next project! 
Feel free to follow on here or twitter for the most up to date news 

lovely game! short and simple! a good waste of 5 minutes!

Agreed. even though it wastes your time, its still a good game

Black screen. Duh.

Tired of Blue screen of death? Well now Tentacle Locker features the Black screen of disappointment


will you ever covert this to Mac?


I do wonder when is the next update? I do see great potential in this ero-game.


Played the game for about 10 mins, i like it! I wish there might be a random option that you can MAKE your own anime character? (hentai?) Or maybe a shirt up option, or being able to have more than one girl in the same locker? But. I Like it! 



When we gonna get to see boobies?

The game was so fun. :)
By the way, what is the font used on this page?

Short Stack!


They're going to make a Hentai Anime out of this someday!! lolololol XD


Love the game! The best pornographic combination of simple yet fun game play, easily re playable and just all around looks great (art style, and game play). I would highly recommend and would love to see this game continue its journey!

my only problems with the game are that there isn't enough diversity of girls (i.e i wish there was more than just white girls, brunettes, blonds and different variations of these), i understand game design is hard so i just want to pitch these ideas for use.

Maybe have an option tab in the settings (which i couldn't get to open) where you can 1. turn off NSFW content 2. mix and match what the tentacles do to the girls 3. maybe a gay mode allowing you to fuck guys? 4. add some kind of store where you can trade in something like cum tokens in a little store to maybe increase stealth, faster grabs, double grab (allowing a variation to have two girls fuck in the same locker) or even a usable ability that allows you to use the grab with no cool down 5. maybe multiplayer (1 computer though of course) to see who can get the most in a certain time and different girls equalling different points 6. maybe add a couple more settings like a doc where the girls are in blue jump suits and the tentacles are more blue or maybe a waitress lounge where the girls are in waitress outfits (some people have that fetish) but maybe the places cost cum tokens 7. maybe add some really rare reference characters so like Derpixons OC or even Twistedgrim's OC?

but over all great game keep up the good work, thank you!


How about "U button" for shirt up option?? How about mouse only controls like wheel = scrolling left / right, left click to grab, second left click to get inside locker view + advance scene, right click to let the girl go, wheel click for shirt up. I love the game!! Can't wait for the next update!!

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