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I accualy Fixed my problem all you need is a vpn on your computer not from your browser.

Btw should we accualy open the unity crash handler??? Also again XD do we need to use vpn???

I also have the black screen problem can anyone help me plsss

If someone could help me ile be so thankfull

I'm having a problem where I can only hear the sounds but I'm stuck on a black screen. Does anyone know how I can fix that??


Keep it up with your hentai games??? maybe ?? but yea its a great game keep on working

Devs are pissy, the game is cool tho.


pissy about what? 

Where is the save data file stored?

I am willing to support you if this game is updated in the near future.


come on make on android or play on browser :(


I think the same U^U"

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Is the devs couldn't think anythink to update this game?

Shame that this is really interesting and it's like 4 damn years.


Great... STILL not working at all!! PLS HELP! it just gives me black screen!!!! ( with sounds STILL in it ) I wasted some wifi for this thingg.. ( not alot tho -,- )


this is awesome lmao


i want play mobile!

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Mine's just a black screen when I open it, how do I fix this?

I am the samee! If you fixed it, PLS PLS tell me howw!!!

How do you fullscreen this game? 

Also, the 'options' button does nothing.

You cannot, and that's correct :) 

Is there a reason for this (lack thereof) 'feature'?

And, how soon can I expect the ability to fullscreen, if at all?

Gota keep you on your toes ;) 

How do u remove black screen

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SOMEONE ONE YEAR AGO SAID THIS: "an option to remove clothing / having a girl lift up her skirt and maybe stop in front of a locker after you pulled her in enough times to show that she actually enjoys it and wants more." That is a wonderful idea. Was it added to the game?


Well we didn't say that so no 🙃


damn it, it was a really good idea


I can’t get it I don’t want to give two dollars tho can you make it for free? Please


It is free 🙃

But your dollars help us make more 😭

If I had money I would donate :) but I have none T^T


Improvement ideas:

Add timer

Add score

Add points to regular girls

Special girls increase timer

Recaptured girls 1/2x points/time

Frightened girls 2x points/time

Nice ideas.

To add to that, maybe a story mode with different missions with set objectives which has the tentacle creature spread across the school to impregnate the school girls.

And maybe when you look into the locket when you capture a girl, you play a minigame where you perform certain actions to pleasure her as much as possible for bonus points (such as control the pace of your penetration, groping other erogenous zones at the right time, strip off articles of clothing, etc.)

You could upgrade new abilities like capture multiple girls with one locker or release pheromones to attract girls to a particular locker, etc.


When the mobile support come out?


Never :)


Aw man :(

sad :")


is this abanded

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No I wouldn't say that :) 

But don't expect an update soon. 


Da próxima atualização podia ter para android.

SERIOUSLYYYY, pls help, I only heard the sounds!!

I didn't see ANYTHING plss fix it!! any version, ANY!!

It'd be amazing if there was an anal/DP option in the option menu. Though I understand if that's not possible. Other than that though, great game!

I can't download (Network-connection error, failure-forbidden). What should I do?

Did Itch give you that error? Or could be something on your end 

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Can you fix the 1.0 ver in PC windows 10?

My game won't load just giving me a black screen, There are sounds in it though...


I want to play the game



Does the 1.1 ver not work either? 

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Please pleasee fix itt


Just please fix it, I want to play the game fast



Can you pleae fix it?..



When its gonna be avaliable on android?

i cant download it


Good Game uwu

the games doesnt work it just gives me black screen and stops working

Just let it load for a bit, takes awhile on the first startup

Will it ever be avaliable on mac?

I don't think so I'm sad about it too

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Can you make an Android version

Hi, I am having a bit of a problem, the game wouldn't launch, all I get is this screen for a split second. What do I do? thank you.

Hmm I've never seen that. Does it give you any kind of error message? 

Nope, it just opens- the loading bar fills within a second- then it closes. Nothing afterwards.

Hmmm sorry :( 

I'll look into seeing if I can publish an updated build sometime soon ;) 


That's ok, thank you very much! I actually was able to play the game on another computer like, half a year ago, and the game is pretty good! 


Howdy, this is gonna be a bit strange but, the issue is resolved. I upgraded my graphics card to a GTX 1080 from my RX 590. Perhaps it was some issue with the graphics card I dunno. Problem solved tho!


Um..Is it available on iOS or something??

No :(

I have to keep on downloading Worth it though

The game works, but all I see is a black screen. Might just be me though.

If you let it load for a few minutes itll run, just needs a bit of time on the first startup

It runs the game and I hear everything, I can even click on things. But it's still a black screen. I've let it load for hours and it still shows a black screen.


I wish someone made an android version of this game

it takes a while to start up but other than that i dont think iv ever cum so much over one game i just keep coming back to it day after day its amazing!

please my game has not responding

Let it load for about 10 minutes, it takes awhile for the first startup


Make a version for android please


i've tried both version (64 bit and 32 bit) and the result are the same, i'm stuck on black screen after 18+ logo appear and it's freezes my computer

It wont work even if I download it i'm on a PC too

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