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will you make an ios version?

No impossible


please, help. when I open the game it starts and then theres only black screen. I still hear the sounds I can interact aswell but theres a black screen. how do I fix it ASAP!!


Such a fun, short little tentacle game! The secret girl made me laugh >u< Thanks for making this! I'm going to check out #2 now! 

configuraçao de pc pra rodar por favor

Will it be pdated

How Do I delete my save?

Why is there no Android?


TL2 has one


it doesn't open?? it says it wont respond. PC 1.1.2

Can we get an IOS version like before? or at least an IPA for us Sideload users to be able to play on iPhone? I will literally pay $5 for an IPA for iPhone. -I'm a jailbreak dev btw


Every time I try to open the game it says it isn't responding, is there a way to fix this?


Which version you playing? 

I'm having the same problem, playing 1.1.2

will you make a linux version for this?

The sequel has one!

wheres the sequel :0


is it just me, or is the 8th girl, like, rare as hecc?


I guess she's hard for you but I've got her like 18 times.


i'v gotton her 69 times.


can you guys make an apple download version pleaseeeee! 🙏🙏🙏


There is a Mac version right there!

How did I get this on Android when there's no apk option?

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Not available yet, but Tentacle Locker 2 will get android support soon! 

May we please get a IOS IPA version for us Sideload users to be able to play on iPhone? I will literally pay $5 for an IPA for iPhone. -I'm a jailbreak dev btw






I thought there was a boys' bathroom, but there was not :( They should add boys' bathrooms with boys in the tl 2

I think it's an all-girls school.

TL 2 should update to a girls and boys school if it's not too hard to do.

So would the boys do anal??



Will there ever be a android port if not for this atlest for v2

v2! not this one

Is there a way to refund, also is it a monthly payment or one time?


how do a stop being horny

you're horny 24/7? 


when i downloaded this i was

and all the parodys and v2


But thats still weird




pls make an android version


shut up


pls make it for android




Can you please do the android version too🙏




Pls download Android 🥺


is this game free how to downald it for free if yes


Yes free lol but any support you can give is helpful :) 

how do I download

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Step 1: go to this link
Step 2: download the version for your pc type and the update you want
Step 3: use a program like WinRar or 7zip to extract the files
Step 4: once you have extracted it into a folder, find the folder that is named "TentacleLocker_PC_1.1_64Bit" and double click on it
Step 4: Double click on the file that is called "Tentacle Locker.exe" (if you got windows)
Step 5: u did it yay, also this is what you are.


How to turn on full screen?


click on menu then click on options

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Quick question, will an apk version of this game ever be officially made?




Why not? 


Cause we are making a sequel, and if we do it, will be for that one. 


when will that be released?


try to add anal or at least make new poses so it will be more interesting to look


Make a version in .apk


I didn't know there was an update.  Thanks for creating a fun easy game.


add boys to the game plz




only if they are traps, thats ok for me


the game always crash after the 18+ appear

its happening to me too im on version 1.1.2


Is there a way to play this on mobile?




try this one


Is there a way to erase data?because i pressed the options button too many times because i didnt know what it did and it made the display too big and it dosent show the book icon so yeah

Whoops haha. Check the comment by Techno King as they go pretty deep on it, but yea possible. Just gota go find the file. 


it's somehow not working on my Mac, it says that the developer cannot be verified 

Go into your security settings and allow the app to run. Pretty much all non app store games have to do this. 

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I wonder if anyone had any luck running this on Linux with Wine or Lutris? I get an error message on Wine when I do, the error doesn't really make sense. I guess the game opens, but I only get the window and it's borders, the contents of the window is just a mirror of what's behind it. No black screen or game.

I was able to install directx though. I don't get that error. I only get the DirectX error on Lutris.

I know one person did submit this game to the website, but there's no installation file or instructions.

I hope I won't have these issues while trying other games. It's my first time using Wine and Lutris, and I only hear of people using it for popular games, not indie games

We've had some people be able to play it on Wine I'm pretty sure, but I'm sorry I can't help you with it

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That's understandable

Who knows, maybe my laptop is too old and bad to run it. It's a decade old laptop.

I can still get it to work on SteamLink, on Windows, so I can still enjoy the game on mobile

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Found the save file, I was able to reset my progress and start over by deleting the registry key found at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HotPink and Annue

To open the registry, press Windows key + r, then type regedit

You will see a directory bar at the top. Just copy and paste "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HotPink and Annue" without the quote and you should be good to go (note: You may have to replace "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" with something else if you don't find it there. I am guessing most people will find it there). You can follow similar steps for any unity game

After that, on the left side bar right click "HotPink and Annue" and click Delete.

It will be different on Mac, I can't help you there

Disclaimer: This should be safe, but I advise against using the registry editor for other reasons since it could damage your machine. If you do any registry changes, you better know what you are doing (and no, deleting unused registry keys is not going to free you space or make your pc faster. It's pointless. Trust me I have a 10 year old rotten potato laptop that struggles to run Windows 10, and a Windows tablet that I was basically scammed out of buying).

This should also be very useful if you are experiencing any bugs or issues. It may fix it.


i want this to happen to me

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I once found a very good port for the mobile version on the play store, except it was censored (it has long since been removed)

I hope that if the dev doesn't, someone else can make a port and the dev can approve it

I would love to play Tentacle Locker 2 though


the problem with it being on mobile is that a kid could easily access the game, and discover what hentai is at the age of like 10, which im 99% sure is why hotpink hasnt yet

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They are not against it because they want to provide an android version for tentacle locker 2 [no promises]. There's also a lot of free porn games available for mobile, see my profile [Also many browser games work on mobile], I don't think most devs would be against it just to protect the kids

The reason they haven't made a mobile version is because they don't have an android phone to test with. They said this in a comment made 5 months ago in another game.

Note: I deleted the whole original comment because it was too long and unnecessary now that I know why instead of theorizing


All the above is mostly right for both of you. I do think normal adults should just use a computer, but I get more and more people are having only phones. And still don't have a test unit, but there are some pretty good testing emulators now. So while haven't actually developed for mobile in a long time, more resources now to make it more easy. So will likely happen at some point for TL2 ;P 

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I hope the emulators will work out for you, they can be heavy on a computer but they had improved significantly over the years. The only two I had tried are Bluestacks and Androidx86

I have a desktop computer, but I personally I prefer to play on mobile because it's more comfy, private, and accessible. I also prefer to lie down when I am "gaming", even if most of the time I find issues [reduced quality for mobile performance, game breaking bugs, phone overheating, faster battery drain, lag, crashes, fixing bugs, configuring steamlink, really bad controls, weird quality issues, less storage, etc. I am starting to think I am a masochist...]

I have a laptop now though, that's much better :D. Previously I only had a desktop computer

I think some people can't afford them in some countries. Personally I don't want to buy another laptop, I spent like a whole month worth of my income into building a new desktop pc


Are there plans to make gold versions of the other character models? Also the first girl I take when starting the game has the creampie scene bit but then it seems like it is random whether it skips past it and lets them out the locker and I want to know if it is actually random or if there is a way around that.



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yeah ok "tordfnfugh123lol"

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yeah ok "ari"

bro ur name is literally tordfnfugh123lol u have no rights. are you even old enough to be looking at this game

Are most people here old enough lol?

I have a feeling a bunch of kids got exposed to this when it gained popularity


Do not cum.

Do not cum.

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and plus you're unfunny and cringe and retarded



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I banned him because he hurts my feelings



Deleted 102 days ago


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Okay "ari"

i already did

What the fuck.

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