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lovely game! short and simple! a good waste of 5 minutes!

Agreed. even though it wastes your time, its still a good game

Black screen. Duh.

Tired of Blue screen of death? Well now Tentacle Locker features the Black screen of disappointment


will you ever covert this to Mac?


I do wonder when is the next update? I do see great potential in this ero-game.


Played the game for about 10 mins, i like it! I wish there might be a random option that you can MAKE your own anime character? (hentai?) Or maybe a shirt up option, or being able to have more than one girl in the same locker? But. I Like it! 



When we gonna get to see boobies?

The game was so fun. :)
By the way, what is the font used on this page?

Short Stack!


They're going to make a Hentai Anime out of this someday!! lolololol XD


Love the game! The best pornographic combination of simple yet fun game play, easily re playable and just all around looks great (art style, and game play). I would highly recommend and would love to see this game continue its journey!

my only problems with the game are that there isn't enough diversity of girls (i.e i wish there was more than just white girls, brunettes, blonds and different variations of these), i understand game design is hard so i just want to pitch these ideas for use.

Maybe have an option tab in the settings (which i couldn't get to open) where you can 1. turn off NSFW content 2. mix and match what the tentacles do to the girls 3. maybe a gay mode allowing you to fuck guys? 4. add some kind of store where you can trade in something like cum tokens in a little store to maybe increase stealth, faster grabs, double grab (allowing a variation to have two girls fuck in the same locker) or even a usable ability that allows you to use the grab with no cool down 5. maybe multiplayer (1 computer though of course) to see who can get the most in a certain time and different girls equalling different points 6. maybe add a couple more settings like a doc where the girls are in blue jump suits and the tentacles are more blue or maybe a waitress lounge where the girls are in waitress outfits (some people have that fetish) but maybe the places cost cum tokens 7. maybe add some really rare reference characters so like Derpixons OC or even Twistedgrim's OC?

but over all great game keep up the good work, thank you!


How about "U button" for shirt up option?? How about mouse only controls like wheel = scrolling left / right, left click to grab, second left click to get inside locker view + advance scene, right click to let the girl go, wheel click for shirt up. I love the game!! Can't wait for the next update!!


Ah poo, I'm on Chromebook, so I can't download, but it looks pretty good. Also, I've been around since the Christmas Cat(though i'm just now making this account), so I'm pretty sure the game is just as good as those animations, keep up the good work.

And for those putting negative comments like "Gold isn't rare enough" and "Not much variety" This game isn't even 6 months old yet. Have some patience. From what i see, this game is already good, and it's not even 100%. Give Hotpink/Annue some time to work.

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I gotta say, this game is absolutely amazing, I'm already loving it, though I do wanna say that the golden girl is a little too common for my taste, as in I can get 3 golden girls on average in less than a minute (Yeah, I did calculations lol), so I was hoping maybe you could increase the rarity, or make some uber rare girl that'll possibly give an achievement of some kind, ya know? Still, game is amazing, and I hope you read this and thought about it, Hope to talk to ya soon
Edit: Also, too many ideas, so I can give a few if needed lol -w-

not so good stuff first; despite that there are multiple characters that can be chosen, there isn't much of a variety to it, I mean even the rare one is just a golden version of the one with a ponytail. Also the lack of animations leaves for much to be desired. now the good stuff, The game runs smoothly, it has easy controls, and the animation is very fluid. It holds to basic principles of a great game and I played it to completion . and as much as I complain about variety, I can see that a genuine effort went into this single one, it was pretty erotic and I definitely enjoyed it.TL:DR, more variations to girls, more animations, I hope this is still ongoing, it has HUGE potential.

"Couldn't switch to requested monitor resolution" :I How to fix it ? :(

Das Spiel ist so cool.
Ich hoffe, es gibt noch etwas mehr: mehr Inhalt, neue Mädchen, manchmal zwei Mädchen in einem Schließfach. Mädchen auch ganz nackt und so weiter.
Wäre cool.
Mehr bitte ...
sonst wird es schnell langweilig.

when can i expect an android ver. Pls

When is there a mac version ?


I finally got it bois

Is anybody else's game reverted back to version 1.0? Itch says the game is up to date, but everytime i launch it, it starts up as version 1.0, not 1.1.

Are you using the app, or how is it deciding which update to use? 
We added 1.0 back up after 1.1 to help some people that were seeing issues so it might be the most "recent" build made public but not sure. 

I am using the itch  app. I do not know which update its choosing to use, but i don't know how to make it go back to 1.1.


I'll see if I can look into it! 

How does it work now? 


When do you think the next update for this will come? 

I do wonder that as well. I can't wait for the new update to see what stuff they'll add.


Hey I love what is going on with the game so far. I have been keeping up with the game and I have noticed others having problems. I haven't had any really and I have a crappy laptop worth about 100 dollars. But other than that I hope this game progresses more and more with little or great amounts of content. Anyway cant wait for the next update.


When I try launching 1.1, I get the first loading part (Where it shows the Hotpink logo and stuff) but then it just freezes and nearly crashes my entire computer.

1.0 works just fine with no issue

I've tried 64 bit and 32 bit but neither have worked so far

My PC is pretty garbage, but these are my specs

Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
AMD A4 5
Mullins 28nm Technology
3.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-10-24)
Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz)
512MB ATI AMD Radeon R3 Graphics (ASUStek Computer Inc) 
465GB Hitachi HGST HTS545050A7E680 (SATA ) 
Optical Drives

if anyone could help me that would be great, I am posting this in comments since I am most likely too blind to see an email or twitter 

i can't  hear any audio 


When is the next update will be? I do hope they'll make it more erotic and expand the list of the girls too.

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This game is incredible, adorable, and has tons of potential. It's really interesting to play god like this. I think some random elements would go a long way. For example: the hair, eye , and skin color could be randomized, the expressions could be different sometimes, and maybe sometimes the girls might knock on the locker when released like they want to be let back in for more. Heck, maybe sometimes, when a second girl sees someone get released, she'll knock on the locker door to try getting some, too. Also, I would love love LOVE to be able to release a girl before the tentacle is finished, to see her walk away unsatisfied or panicked, or even try to get back in to finish. Maybe if a girls tries to get back into a locker and you no longer have it highlighted, she sees it empty and goes to the bathroom to masturbate or something. Speaking of which, being able to use the bathroom stalls like the lockers would be awesome, too. This sort of stuff has a lot of potential to follow the same girl around and mess with her if you choose. The WHOLE GAME has lots of potential. I made an account on here just to comment and donate, I love it so much. So keep up the awesome work, I can't wait to see these girls backwards and upside down, too. And I'm sure I don't need to tell you the advantages of two girls in the same locker at once.


I thought it would be kinda cool to be able to have the tentacles take out some bdsm gear inside the locker and shibari some of the girls, so you could leave them out as a present in front of some sort of male npc, in exchange for powerups or new abilities or something like that. Then the npc would like carry the girl to one of the closets and you can watch that scene go down.

Does anybody still have version 1.0? I'm on a windows 7 32 bit and it just gives me a black screen after the logo. But I've been told that the first version works. I just can't find it.

I have it, but no idea how to pass it on to you

We can make that happen if you really want. 

I’m having the same issue. Could you please post a download link for V.1.0? Thank you!

1.0 is back up for download 😊 Let us know if that helps. 

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Thanks for posting, but it doesn't seem to work for me :'c trying to play on a win 7 32bits, as well, and neither v.10 or 1.1 works. Both have the same issue, it loads the first screen, but then it goes black, and glues there, with a massive RAM increase.

Just out of curiosity, what are the game's minimum requirements?


so sexy! Love when they are enjoying it. nice touch when you grab a girl that already had a turn. more positions and boobs please.


Great stuff! I'd love to see the gameplay a bit more fleshed out.


I Found out how to get the secret ponytail girl! you have to get each girl 5 times and then she starts popping up.


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It opens just fine, however i can not hear any audio watsoever untill the girl gets caught. Also i cannot click the options tab..

Well there aren't actually options now so that's ok. But maybe in a later update! 

when I download the game it gives me an error that is the "clould't switch to requested monitor reslution" I want to know how to remove this

My computer used to be like you, until I updated the computer, it now works. Let's try ?


Love this game! More Girls with different features and more scenes would be cool!

its good but somehow it wont work anymore in my pc

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This game is interesting, it needs a few things like a futa or trap option maybe a few more interactive scenes, option to keep em in the locker longer or until ya release em, a gallery mode perhaps to name a few things but it's looking great so far, no rush.
keep at it ay, have fun with this project ay

my game is blank, but I still can hear a sound.. how to fix help me

I've played this and I can't find the last girl I've gotten all girls on left and and three on right the last girl is the bottom right on the right side if anybody knows how to get her please tell me

After you've grabbed all the other girls around 5 or more times she starts to appear.(might need to be in one session since I don't see her after restarting despite all the counts in the menu being high enough or could be it has some other requirement that you probably meet by the time you've grabbed everyone else a few times).


alright thanks if I reply again it didn't work but that's if I do

if you get the last girl (or anybody) when they get out of the locker, just spam space and they'll be sucked in again in the same locker :) easy way to get many catches...


Seems promising, adding some more gameplay would be nice.

If there were some ways to distract students making it so that you should avoid being seen by other students could be an interesting thing to add.

Also I feel like if you had to decide when to release the girls and deciding which locker to use mattered there could be some interesting things that could happen.

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To people who are having problems on Win7 64bit suddenly getting black screen after Unity logo

just wait for about 2 minutes and the game will load eventually (you must be playing 64-bit version)

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