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man I wanted to play the game but it freeze after the logo.

have tried both 32 and 64, doesnt work either way, I have 4 GB with win 10 btw.


me too. It really sucks :(

maybe its because of the ram?

Nice game right there! But whoa, this problem people are having seems very specific...

I tired both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version on my Windows 8.1 (8GB of RAM) and the game runs perfectly fine.

Here's something a little weird, though. The 64-bit version uses around 3GB of Memory while the 32-bit one uses only around 100MB.

It runs perfectly because you're using an 8 gb ram pc


Hi, i'm having problem, when i launch the game, after logo show up, the game freeze with massive high RAM. How can i solve this problem?


I am having the same problem as what other people have in here and i saw that the key is that 64 bit build thing, i am using 64 bit windows 8.1 acer so how to do that thing? 

Any reason why this game needs 3gb memory to run?


Because Unity is lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Great Game!

Thanks so much! 

I can run the game but it blank.. but I can hear the sound.. how to fix 



Can you tell me How to play on Win7 32bits im actualy sad cuz i use my last internet  data this month!! 

Deleted post

Nice 😎

Deleted post

I do wonder if it's possible that the girl get fully naked during the scene?

Have you been able to resolve the issue for this game working on Windows 8?


For everyone who's wondering about mystery girl she's just the same girl who wears a ponytail except they're made of gold. You can just barely see her on the side in the third picture.

I manage to make her appear by lewding the other girls 5 times.


i wish this game can be ported to android.. the game is short but great keep up the good work!


I have Win 7 and it worked for me. 

Check for updates in your  graphic card. If this doesn't work try other settings for your screen (like resolution or refresh rate).

Fucking black screen

Tell me your secret(s)

this game just doesnt fucking work on my pc. might have been a bad install, as im redownloading now, but the second i get a girl in a locker, the screen turns blue. im running win 7 and someone said in comments it just doesnt work on win 7 so that might be the problem

if your taking kink requests than something with squirting would be hot


I really like the game. However, as good as it is, I want to throw some ideas into the table that hopefully you will found useful. 

First is about the art. I really think the girls are cute and hot, but the truth is they lack characteristics. I would recommend give them more personality playing with the way they dress and the facial expressions. For example: short hair, glasses, a book in hand and a serious face for the studious type of girl; long black hair, pantyhose, a beauty mark on the face and a mischievous face for the sadistic girl; long sleeves, hair that hides one eye and a worried face for the shy girl.

Second is about the gameplay. The game right now can be easily finished with no challenges or objectives, this is nothing bad if you want to see all the girls in the lockers but I think the lack of these also takes away the gratification of playing after a while. I recommend you use a score, for every girl you put into the locker you get points, when you reach certain scores you unlock new girls in the hallway. Also, give the game some enemies to be vigilant of, they can be a teachers or more tough girls that try to break free the girls you capture and then they destroy the locker and decrease the score, giving you something to be aware of and punishing you if you don’t play by the rules. You can also put surveillance cameras in the hallways that alert the enemies or even lights in the hallway that goes off making it hard to see.

Well, that is all I can think of. I hope this comment was useful. I’m really looking forward to see the next update.

Update: I'm now on Win 10.

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This is really nice! I have two suggestions:

1) Add a consentacle mode where the girls cluster around the lockers/follow cummed girls rather than running away.

2) Redheads?

Keep up the good work!

Would you mind also add the minimum spec of the game, because when I attempt to run the game, the game use so much processing resource (Almost my whole 4GB RAM).

The idea is cool, but need high end hardware to run the game properly (maybe around CS:GO or even DOTA spec maybe)

PSA: Rougearmour's workaround is for the 1.0 version of Tentacle Locker; Tentacle Locker 1.1 will not work as far as I know!

Update 1.1

I'd pay a few pounds for this if it worked for Win7; I payed nothing originally to try it out and I'm extremely glad I did, because this title does not work on Windows 7 properly whilst being displayed that it runs on "Windows" without a specific OS version, meaning people could potentially spend money for product that doesn't work on their operating system, this is a huge issue!

I've encountered the same issue Rougearmor encountered, the game runs but the window is crushed and there's no way to maximise it making the game completely unplayable, which is a shame because I really like the idea and I'd glady shell a few for updates.

This leaves us with two options; either Tentacle Locker can be adapted to run on Win7, or it needs to be made explicitly clear in the description that Win7 isn't supported!

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I would like to see progress saved in the game folder rather than %appdata% to keep it portable and hidden from prying eyes.

'Course this is far from the worst thing in my PC.

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I see a lot of great potential for this game. I feel like there are some QoL changes & content you could add to it:

- More types of girls -- perhaps with different colors of hair (like pink, red, blue, purple, green, white, etc.) and different types of behaviors indicated by their clothing (Gym uniform: fast runner / With headphones or earphones: Won't run away from seeing tentacles or raped girls / With glasses: Will stop walking periodically because they somehow drop their glasses / With a jacket on or carrying heavy things: slow walker / Carrying a bag or books: Staying longer at the lockers (cuz they probably wanna get stuff), etc etc.). Maybe also add different face expressions when they're being raped.

- More voice types (could vary based on the girl's hair color)

- An animation gallery for every girl -- only unlocked once you capture a certain amount of a specific type (probably a lot)

- An option to keep captured girls in the lockers (both before and/or after viewing animations)

- A currency system (earned by capturing girls) that could be used  to buy different types of animation, more lockers in the hallways, different settings (maybe bathroom with tentacle toilets could be next?), etc.

- Building off of the currency system: An "aftermath" effect (purchased via game currency) -- where raped girls could lure in other girls (their friends, logically) to where you currently are; the friend they bring will be the same type as them. Makes it easier to target specific types of girls. Additionally, you could implement an option where the raped girl can lewd their friend inside the locker instead of with tentacles (Yuri is always appreciated in my book :3)

- A feature that lets you capture multiple girls at once (whether into different lockers or in the same locker is up to you) so you can view multiple animations at once. Purchased via game currency.

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I tried both versions and roguearmour"s workaround but to no avail. 

What's going wrong for you? 


It goes to the +18 screen then it stays black. I've left it for 10 and it didn't do anything. I think I'm on Windows 7.

Hmmm, and you tried the 64 bit build on your 64 bit computer already? 

Yeah. Both do the same thing.

same for me, I've windows 7 and I tried both versions, but nothing happens after the +18 black screen.


now that was some golden action


I'm your fan from another country.

I'm using a translator right now, so my sentence may be awkward.

I'm not much, but I'm trying to come up with an idea.

It's good to have semen running through your legs, but what if your whole body expresses something sticky with tentacles?

And my English level is low, so I don't know what the secret is.

Can you give me more hints?


Oh, well, I got it.

Thanks! Sounds good. 

Wish I could see boobies


I figured out the workaround I spoke of. Start by making a shortcut, then go to Properties for the newly created shortcut. Select Maximized in the dropbox that is for Run. Win7 users should be able to load the game this way. Do note: this is the standalone download, not the one in the Itch client.

Good to know!

I'm having an issue where the game opens in a crunched up window that's 1 pixel tall. My OS is 64-bit Win7

Here's a screenshot of the issue:

Whoa that's super weird and I have no clue whats causing that. 

Never got to test on Win7 :/ 

And the thing is, I fixed 1.0 for myself somehow but I don't remember.

pls test on win7 :(

There is a code in the book. 5054... I tried 2 sets of lockers with 6, and made a girl get placed in them in order.. but so far nothing..


Found out the 0 is a 6.. I'll try that


Ok, so I tried the new "5654" and idk if it worked... I did get her though. I got 5 of each character in a locker, so they all had a lewd face in the book.. then I saw her, she's golden.. you can't miss her.



there's also the locker you cant activate because its too close to the edge of the screen

That's intended! Glad you are going out that far :) 

I try to run the game but i encounter several issues (not related to the game). First if i try to run it in the zip file as it is downloaded i get a missing unityplayer.dll error and can't seem to be able to fix it. Then if i extract the content outside of the zip file and run the game i get a unable to start app (0xc000007b) error so I can't get it to work. Please help.

btw my OS is Win10

I run the game I see "18+ made in unity" then my whole screen goes black... then comes back but the game only shows white. :,(

If you are on a 64 bit computer trying using the 64 bit build! That has fixed this for some people. 

I tried using that one and changing every option in the compatibility troubleshooter including running it as an administrator.  It never successfully got past that "made in Unity" screen.

Deleted post

Haha 🤣 this is great! Thanks so much for sharing and nice video editing 😉

Deleted post

Downloaded the game, paid a couple bucks

Downloaded both 1.1 and 1.1 64 bit version

And it goes the first screen, then black screen, then nothing.  Windows 8.0 is my OS if that helps.

Oh no! I didn't get to test on 8, but is it crashing or just staying black? 

Just stays black.


same thing happens to me but i have Windows 7. I tried both versions but nothing changes

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