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yeah me to

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Sadly still not working i tried all 3 Version's (I have a 32-Bit PC) Maybe someone knows how to fix it? i get a Black Screen after the 18+

UPDATE: After some wait the game startet Working but still Blackscreen, Sound working and controls too.

its because it requires a 64 bit pc

No there is only one 64-bit Version the other 2 are for 32-bit

oof didn't know haha

boi you need to help meh

i dont know how to get in the game...

plz help


ladies and gents he's done it


hello my pc have 32 bits and que What do I do when the screen goes black and does not respond after the +18 announcement pls help me

This pic is om-

how do get the golden girls


she just randomly appears 

i got 3 golden girls at the same time in the same place lol

it finally worked!

Still haven't been able to play it ;-;


any chance there is a .zip for a Mac?

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Hey, excellent game! I understand you may feel reluctant to exploit the great potential this game has due to the lack of revenue because of it being freeware. But you could treat this version as a demo and work on something you could sell! I feel you have a really nice base game going on here as I've not seen any other game quite like it, not pursuing greater heights would truly be a pity..


I completely agree i'd pay up to $10 if there was a bunch more content.


i do have the black screen problem that everyone else have, isit because my computer is too low-end?

Deleted 140 days ago

Will there ever be another upate?




I got the black screen like several other people so I decided to wait. After 30 minutes I clicked on the game window and spammed on the space bar and arrow keys. I found that the game was fully functional and was playing sound effects, but I still had a black screen. Is there a way to fix this?


Just added a script to install and run the game on linux via Lutris and Wine. The user must still visit the official website to download, so you won't miss the revenue. Hope you like it. :)

I do love some good Wine ;) 

It's constantly saying "failed to load mono. Any help please?

Try to re-download and make sure all the files are in the right/same place :P 

Im not entirely a tech wiz or computer man just i downloaded it around 4 times after that and then moved the files into one folder bu then it said something else and ended up not working


Make it free Please


It is free?

pleeeeaaaase make one for iPhone 

yeah, like apple is gonna allow this lmao


hey the games looks great and i love your art style! would you ever consider making a yaoi version as well in the future ;P

I wish this was for Android.

I have never been so angry at a 18+ game that wouldn't work because of my low end PC. Devs, if you can read this, please. I fucking beg you guys, please fix this.

P.S. I played the latest game and it was lit.

Do you have a black screen problem?


Yeah, but. I got it working, though this may sound stupid to some of you guys and it might not work, but all you just have to do is wait. Like yesterday, I just went to have dinner and came back up to my room to see that the game is finally running. 

So you're saying your game was pitch black but the sounds and all are working and when you came back from dinner its not pitch black?

Oh no, that time the screen was pitch black and there weren't any sounds coming from it. But we I came back, it worked perfectly fine.

Ah alright then, thanks for your info

the game is working,but the screen is all black,is there anyway to fix this or maybe im doing something wrong?


Hi! I’m just here to say that This Game Is amazing, Probably the best Porn game I’ve ever played! just to ask, is there any updates for the future like New Girls or Any type of Content?

Glad you enjoyed it hehe ;) 
No updates currently planned but stay tuned for future news!

you should add a reset option in the settings insted of leaving it blank. why have a thing for options if you have nothing to put in it? so by adding a reset you'll have something to put in there not nothing.


It's too bad honestly, I love this type of interactive games but since it has been a year since the game came out, I doubt the creator have something up his sleeve after all of this time.

Hi game developers just curious when the next update will be?, if you have a date set or not, just curious.


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i'm sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you had any advice on the issue where the 18+ warning appears fades out and then nothing happens for the 32 bit, i have tried the 64 bit version but that one doesn't launch and gives me an error, any help would be appreciated.


To the creator of this game, I understand that is takes very long to program a game but please if it is in your POWER, I beg you, please release a mac version. I have wanting to play this game but I just can't because of the type of my computer.

Hope to hear from you soon - Keep up the good work <3

P.S: I played Lewd City Girls and I like what you set as the special move for her :3

Thanks for letting us know! 

It wasn't possible when making this game but if we do an update I'll see what we can do to make sure it runs on Mac! 


You should use 1.1 if it works for you cause it's better and has more stuff :) 




Hey! I found a bug on my version...i'm using 1.1 but for some reason the game decides to freeze after a couple of the in-locker animations...


Are the settings/progress file(s) within the game folder, or are they save somewhere else? I would like to back this up if necessary (not in game folder)

How to reset game data? Option button is not working.

Ya, I got problems with options too, hoping for a volume down button or something lols




I mean... it's basically feature complete.


Day 256: The updates no longer come, the game has died a painful death, we will no longer see the potential of the fabled game known as Tentacle Locker...


Still no update..?

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