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Version for Android please!!!


I love this game, I really want new updates


Thanks! Nothing planned yet, but always want to do a spiritual successor someday ;D 

how do you save?

i lost my progress when i left the game

Well the only thing that saves is the condom amount, and which outfits you have unlocked. And they should save automatically. Did you loose any of that progress? 


No sorry :( 

Hello, I was very impressed with your game, but I don't have a PC. What about the android port? Sorry to disturb

No worries, but not for this game, sorry. 

When will it be updated?

It's fun. I support it.

when do we get an update?


It's been finished. We working on other games now

oh ok

there is this website called that sells your game on IOS/Android. i reccomend using an Iphone to access this site cause it has a virus. just to let you know


plz avoid viruses! our games only here! 


next location Pleas

its so funny when you..are sucking up another guy ,then vcome other and be shocke

And very good game >:3


Android please


Please port for Android


Any plans to add Misako?


We wish! But sadly no plans to right now. 


So fucking sad that there's no Misako option. :(


will this game recive and update?


No plans for it, but maybe a spiritual successor at some point. 

would absolutely love one

So maybe Original Characters and Story line, but same game play and art


Hi someone has reuploaded your game on this site
From other dev I have their game was infected.


Thanks, we've reported and feel free to as well


Games like these fit my aesthetic perfectly, I like it.

Deleted post

Can you add android version?


not for this, sorry


Friend, if you want, I can try to create the Android version of your game.

I know a little about game mechanics and redesign for games on other platforms (PC, MAC, Android, etc)


I still would love to see another one of these games, this style could be done as a huge game with multiple levels.


Thanks for the kind words! We deff could do something like it in the future! 


andriod version please


Looks nice Or but could you improve graphics. Add a drawn scene or something? Cause pixel scene is kinda dissapointing


do you know how many extra pixels would have to be added for something like that?


How could there not be any female enemies?




Yes yes, bring an apk version the game feels light


Are you sure you are not adding android, no plan for the Android, but why? Tell me


I am sure haha. It's an old project which we never planned for mobile so would take a good chunk of time to port it over.



ever gonna do this for the sequel? just curious


Not a true sequel, but have had some ideas for a spiritual successor so maybe some day. 

Will be updated?

When will it be available on Android?

Never said it would be? 


The VA is really good, the little "fuck..." at the end of that one line makes me diamonds


Will there be growth/shrink content?


Probably not worth, but i'd like a version of this game with full-scale graphics (i.e. character sprites that aren't pixelated, but are wholly drawn)


Finally a NSFW game that isn't a visual novel


Yeah this one is pretty good!


you know its gonna be a good game when its made by hotpink !!

Thanks for the kind words!

make a new character for it

When comes the next Update


on future will this game be playable on android?

No sorry, no plans for that


Can u plz get playable for android plz i can afford mac or pc

does this game have voice acting?

Moans and stuff, but not really any words to speak. 


Would really like to see this idea taken further and made into a full game. I'd gladly pay for such a game, as the mechanics and animations are very satisfying.

(1 edit)

If this was a demo, I would definitely pay for a full game. The pixel art was really good, it controlled well, and I really liked the customization. If I was to give suggestions for how to add to it, I would suggest new enemies with different sex animations, more levels, a few more abilities to deal with the new enemies, and maybe a character selection/customizable hair, eyes, body, and overwear. Also, you could add a few more endings depending on who you lose to, amongst other things(Like running out of time).

P.S. You could also have a shop where you could buy said abilities and additional character customization.

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