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With River City Girls 2 coming out, any plans for an update or a sequel to this gem?

Not currently, so just go play that game and come back to this one after ;D 

this game is actually really good and i hope you guys keep updating the game because it has great graphics and so far no bugs or lagging or staggering so I think this game can become something more.

Thanks!! No updates plans as of right now, but maybe we will come back to something similar in the future ;) 

Lol how come this isnt its own seperate game? XD they'd have a free nsfw version and a none nsfw at the same time!

this can't be good for me , but i feel great

i gotta find more of that good stuff


Ugh, health pipe my ass, that stuff is addictive

I feel like shit


yall gotta have a defeated animation, just saying


Have a android version


nah lol



Show post...

Da frick?????




this game just sorta strikes a chord with me, and i think it's a combination of the pixel aesthetic and the fact that it was one of my first h-games. it is a bit short, with only three scenes, and i do wish that the clothes mattered in the sex scenes (because when you wear them, they're only visible in the handjob/bjob scenes), but it's really good for a quick play every now and then. i almost wish it got updated with new areas or characters, but i know that hotpink probably won't update it again. all in all, maybe i'm biased, but i'd give this game a solid 9.5/10. if you want a long game, might be best to look elsewhere, but honestly, if you're looking at this game, you probably just want the scenes as fast as possible anyway.


Thanks for the super kind words! We deff wanna do something in the spirit of this game again some day ;)


can u make it so when she gets ko'd that she gets fucked by 4 boys? because that would be nice.


was not the plan for this game lol. But plenty of other games out there that do that! 


Could there ever be an android port?




In a way, this is kinda rapey. Imagine if a guy went around beating up women to have sex with them...


I mean you're not wrong but it is just a game. For record, games where guys beat up women to have sex with them do exist.


It's because those game are men fantasy. I agree, it's just a game I have these kind of fantasy but it's just a fantasy nothing else. I don't know support these kind of action in real I like to keep it in Erotica, Hentai, hentai games and it's far form actually doing these things. Is like the gun in game = shooting.




It's a really good game and that title screen music/song is good and it's a little funny.


can you make a website version


if you cant then just show me the menu screen please.


Will you ever make this longer to match RCG? Pleeeeeeease... I'd rather play this 😆😥...


Maybe yes

That would be awesome!


maybe some day!!


Well if you ever do, count me in!! This game is a lot of fun. I'll keep my eyes open. ^_^ Adult games are so much better than children's games lol.


Just found this game and replayed it again, still love it! If you pick it up again one day you can count me in too!

Didn't know that River City Girls is owned by Arc System Works. I just knew them solely from their fighting games.


Yea they own the IP, but don't really do much with it themselves from my understanding :P 


This game is very good,but hope to add gril MISAKO:)


idk if anyone already said this but , will there be a male version ? 

Will there be a mobile version to the game?




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is there a way to play it on mobile 😅 if possible


also no haha

Any plans for mobile in the future ;-;


not here

will there be a linux?

not for this game, but other games we have! 


I can't play zip file is not working is there a way to play the game via non zip file


you unzip the file first lol

Not sure how to



Does anything happen with the tentacle in the last room?


nah just an easter egg ;)

could i maybe mod something to happen? Please? pretty please? i really want to mod this to have an interactive animation attached like your other release. And honestly i would love to help add in more of the content people are asking for like Misako and other targets...more levels....combo specials....sorry im ambitious and i've been dying for a lewd project.

If it would help, I the creative lead with a studio that doesn't want me to name it: the exact reply when i asked if i could reply with our official account was "on a porn game!? have you lost your mind?!"

...fair enough. But i do really wanna help.. or be given the thumbs up to mod it.


Oh, how would you mod it? :O 

Sorry for late response, day job.

well first thing i would do is add a bit more to the 'easter egg' with the locker, probably press 'interact' and get a 'pulled in animation' and a window popping up with another 3-4 stage animation like your other title.

Next i would add in an extra character to choose from, perhaps unlocked through the vending machine (just to avoid adding too much more UI) most likely Misako.

Next i would add more enemies/scenes, start with one, add another, maybe one more before moving onto

Making more floors.

More outfits.

Then repeat the loop until i either get tired/bored/dragged into any number of other projects. (im currently renovating a Shuttle to an RV, and We are taking a break from our 5-10 year investment into a LOOOOOONG RPG passion project to work on a MUCH smaller VR Reverse Horror game. Just made our first level last night after work in fact, we are working on movement mechanics and the feel around that first.

But yea, that would be what i would do :D


holy shit bro if u ever go through with any these ideas, it'd be huge. Even as a f2p i'd almost be down to pay for it


add a android version please


Which button is the pause button?


The game seems a bit unresponsive, often times when I press Z or Space nothing happens.


I actually really love this game even though it only has like 3 animations, I just can't get enough of it

Are there still no plans to update it? Also, does anyone know any other games like this?


Thanks for the kind words ^_^ means a lot!
Check out some of our other games too ;) 

No plans on this game being updated, but we are working on more like it for the future! 

would you be upset if someone else worked on it in the interim? I really want to.


need ryona mode where we can play as male and grope/bearhug/muscle buster/s*x


Just loved it! The lewd scenes are great :3

why bother buying the clothing when your always naked anyways 


Controller support??

No sorry :( 

Hey you can probably get a controller working if you connect it to steam. Add the game as a non-steam game and then use the steam controller config to bind the controller to keyboard presses. 

If you're and don't wanna use steam you can use this thing called sc-controller. It can do the same thing steam does but it's standalone. It was all originally for steam controllers but it works with Xbox and even PS controllers nowadays.

Just a little curious whether there would be an update of this game. Thanks in advance.


Nothing currently planned for this game at the moment. We deff wanna do a spiritual successor at some point though! 


The only thing that turns me away from this whole thing is that its basically ntr, but im willing to at least attempt to look past it.

there are plenty of lore reasons to help you look past that :) 

im gonna guess the big one is that her boyfriend is a massive dickhead?in which case I will totally look past it.

god I hope i'm right at least partially, not too familiar with the whole river city lore.

please tell me if I'm atleast close


Well depending on who you ask, her boyfriend isn't really her boyfriend :P but at east she thinks he is ;D

How can I reset my save data? Can’t figure out where the save file is.

On Mac or PC?


Should be somewhere like CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HotPink\LewdCityGirls or something close to that.

I don’t have any “Software” folder under C:\Users\<username>. Searching from there, the only result I could find was C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\HotPink Games LLC\Lewd City Girls, yet that’s still not the right one; deleting it does nothing.

Which OS version are you on? Might also be able to  click start, type "regedit" and open it go into <username> then Software, etc as the original one states.  But it could be slightly different., or a hidden file.  

I'm having trouble figuring out what the source of the protagonists audio is. Who is the voice actress, please?

Some of it's DudeThatsLewd which we didn't actually know at the time haha


im wowed, yet thouroughly dissapointed.

(3000000 WORDS HERE)


disappointed in what??


that it’s not Longar! #AllLove


haha ok ok ;) 


will not argue, this has enough marrit to what i saw of the game its based on to wish it was a full twist.

very cool idea and wonderful art music and sounds but the 144hz monitor issue that eats a lot of input is rough.

Thanks for the kind words, and sorry about the issue. Has been fixed in future games :D 


nice! gonna be looking into them soon :3


An option where you can replace  all enemys by women would be cool


Please add the other girl, Misako to the game.


Olá poderia lançar para Android???


Fico feliz por ver um BR com um gosto refinado.

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Naturalmente todos aqui são homens de cultura

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