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Ever wanted to be an entrepreneurial milk man? Well now is your chance!! 

But maybe you'll be using some... dubious methods with some special milk. 

This is a very dumb game. It’s also only for adults and contains some themes that everyone might not be ok with. You’ll find some girls, take them, milk them, sell their milk, go to bed, and do the same the next day. That’s about it so by continuing you are OK with that and over 18+ years old. 

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. And the SPACE bar or a click for everything else. Have fun!

This was made by Annue and HotPink. If for some reason you want to support them after playing this, here are their links. 

HotPink - Twitter, Patreon

Annue - Twitter, Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorsHotpink, Annue
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Erotic, girl, Hentai, Lewd, milk, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes


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Untitled Milk Game (PC 1_0).zip 16 MB
Untitled Milk Game (Mac 1_0).zip 21 MB

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It keeps removing itself .....can you explain it?

no clue


(1 edit)

your anti-virus device

close it

or turn it off

especially the one named segurazo

So, Is this name not a Virsu((Ik it not my computer is Begging me not to run it- when I click run it it doesn't say "Don't run" No idea oofs.

I don't think I will get an Answer- i think ever is dead-

It's not a virus lol 
You might have to give permission to run 

Ty! Now I know its not a Virsu, Kinda messed up But Keep up the Good work :D!!

(1 edit)

sorry im late but when that blue popup comes you wanna find the text "more info" somewhere on the left side and click it, then hit run anyway


this is disrespectful to the people who had their dads taken away like this.


your comment made me install this game

my dad hasent came for 1900 years since 1928


what is the secret everyone is talking about?



its nice I guess though is there anything other then bringing girls in your basement and milking them? I know you can watch them but is there anything else? Im scared i missed something lol


nah not rly 


Whenever I try to download it, it doesn't show up and when it does show up it doesn't open nor does it allow me to do anything with the zip folder. Idk what to do I think I'm just dumb DX


wait how do i even play 😿 

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arrows to move, space to grab, walk em to your place, downstairs, and space to peep the milk room. sleep after milking all the girls and wash rinse repeat until boredom.


good game for kids


agreed :)

not agreed </3

(4 edits) (+1)

Hope this isn't considered a spoiler, but the secret is something other than the basement. The secret is cute and fun but not really worth killing yourself to find out, lol (assuming I found the only one).


spoil me the secret


is it the "nice" one lmao

yep :)


how do you get the secret?


make a certain ammount of money and you get a "nice" on ya screen :)


cute + hot game! would love to get the full version if one come out!

i dont think thers a secret

what makes you say that?!? 

cause im too dumb to find it


(1 edit)

I hope I can delete this if this is rude, but the game is a year old. I know you tend to put secrets in this game, but it is frustrating if this game's secret is connected to reaching X amount of Y collected. I keep trying out the game to see if it has a secret when I reach a limit only to give up from the grind. Unless the secret is the basement then that isn't much of a secret since we have to go there anyways. This is just driving us (or at least me) insane if it is a troll or not.

It's a small troll. Just a funny secret, and not lewd :) 


get 69 cash


What is this secret that everyone talks about? does it have anything to do with the girl we take to the basement or with the animation showing the milk production? or is it really something hidden?


What is the game about, I don't understand xd
why is it +18 ??


18+ due to the milk room


Remember when this game came out and the world wasn't ending...

If only we knew that it would only take society a handful of months to change after we started selling M I L K.

The world wasn't ready...



how do you find the secret?


I was expecting... Male milk




I am the milk man... my milk is delicious.


psychonauts reference?



More milk!


More Milk

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Very cool demo. It doesn't offer much atm but i hope it will recive few more updates. Art style is great. Would love to make game with art like this. And nfsw animation looks also great. Its so simple but at the same time very good looking. I'm still a novice artist but would love to create something like this! How you achieved it? <3

(1 edit) (+8)

I'm sorry to tell you but Annue rarely ever update his games.

And by that i mean, he never update them, they are always kind of one play 10 min games without much content.

Well this one is pretty simple so he said on his twitter that if it's popular enough he might update it a little.

Don't expect much tho.

For now, just try to find the secret.


"might" means never with some people. LCG was really popular when it got released, and other than small fixes, nothing was ever added.

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