New Dumb Game

Hope you like it :P

Might add some stuff to it if you enjoy the style so feedback is always amazing! 


Untitled Milk Game (PC 1_0).zip 16 MB
Jan 06, 2020
Untitled Milk Game (Mac 1_0).zip 21 MB
Jan 06, 2020

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I actually loved the doodle style and the only reason I stopped playing was because I've done everything!

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!! 


I really like the idea :D I would love to play this again when theres more content <3


great game, 10/10, would milk again

Nice idea, but there's so little to actually do. I'd be down for more content.


Testing the waters with this style, so maybe! 


I actualy like it. The idea is pretty cool, and if you add some stuf, i'd love to play more :)