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do you ever plan on making the all of the scenes free? im not poor im just asking

Not at this time

Do you ever plan on making the 2nd part free or have your already?

Not at this time


$5 just to essentially get two pictures and some audio for an unfinished scene? For something called the "Final cut" I expected it to be a bit more... complete. I mean the preview images are literally a third of the entire thing.

Sad no android :<


ah if only this were on android. alas tho, it is not. might download on pc but idk yet.


The art is nice, but it feels more like a slideshow rather than a game or visual novel.


The visuals are more secondary for this project, with the main focus being on the voice and sound ;) 
Hope you enjoyed it! 


will the android version released?


no plans for that

So, will you reply once the next scene is out for free?(I know, it's cheap.)

Not likely anytime soon, but yea, follow for updates ;)


i cant download wont work!

what do you mean?

i downloaded it but it just wont show up when i click it

Did you unzip the file? 

tried just removed itself

try extracting if your on windows


When Will The Next ''Chapter'' Be Realised?


Currently on hold. Had some complications that stalled production, so started on some other projects. But I still like the core idea here, so maybe will come back to at some point :) 


Great! Thank you for reply and updating me with more info :)

Hope you can enjoy what we have done already ๐Ÿ˜Š


Your work is amazing ! Keep going ;D

Thank you for the kind words!!

How to jerk off at the beginning on pc?


In the bedroom scene? Move your mouse up and down on the cock ;)

There's the video, it doesn't work(

Hmmm very weird. I have not seen this before. Is there any reason the game wouldn't be able to detect your mouse? Maybe some other program controlling it or something?? 

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I installed it on a virtual machine, VMware Workstation, can it be a reason?

Could be! I never tested on a virtual machine. And unsure how that reads the mouse inputs. 

paid the five bucks but didn't get the final cut

Might be best to get in touch with Itch support if there was a payment problem.

Ngl I kinda wish it was all free bc I'm poor :((


im getting it on friday 21st 


I just have to say it. I love the art and especially the logo! The gif screenshot is also quite erotic ^^
(this background does my eyes tho) ><


Port to android?

Unlikely, but maybe some day


the free version only has 1 scene? I get that it's a demo or whatever, but it isn't really a great start considering there's no actual choices either. I'm sure the full version has content, but seeing as the demo didn't, I can't say for sure, and am definitely not spending $5 on potentially nothing. Again, nothing against it being a demo or you setting a price for the full thing, it's just the demo is more like a trailer. Why bother adding a demo that has 1 scene with minimal interaction?


Final Cut has 1 scene for $5 that has no animation??  No thanks.  Skip this till content improves.  


The final cut has 3 Full scenes, and 1 extra cut scene with fully lewd audio for you to enjoy ;) 


They obviously meant 1 scene more than the free version.

Because the other scenes are free, that unfinished scene effectively costs 5$

It keeps deleting itself from my computer when I downloaded it

Can you tell me why?

I've never heard this before. What OS are you on? 


try turning off your antivirus programs


Really like the concept, but this game has been unchanged for a longgg time now any plans to continue it? I like the idea for it though


Patrons have access to 2 more scenes! There is a 3rd scene planned and voiced, but the artist remains unfinished. Unsure when they will be able to work on it. 

when is the next update


One of the artist went dark :/ Hoping before end of year as I have a back up plan in mind. 

Anything specific you are looking forward to hearing? ;) 

So. I played through the first scene, zero issues, nice VO. Only problem is now I closed the game and the music is continuing to play forever. No background process on task manager seems to be pointing to it and nothing bigger either.

Big problem if you need to restart every single time to not have it on premanently.

Wait, what music? 


The menu/background music... Is there not supposed to be any music? Because that might be more concerning...

Yea ummm... no music here :( 


Yeah. That is actually kinda creepy and weird. Especially since going by the volume mixer it was definitely Irresistible that was making the noise...

Deleted 341 days ago

Are you rubbing where the hand was? Do any sounds come out when you do that? 


Game does not work. I got to the part in the second to the bottom screenshot on this page and the game breaks. The moving hand appears, I click the game screen, the moving hand disappears, and I can not do anything.


Did you try rubbing? ๐Ÿ˜


I reinstalled it and it works now.

I have the same problem here i tried deleting the game files and re-extracting it but i still have this issue

Hi will the full game only be patron?


Short answer: Yes
Long Answer: Will release some of these scenes publicly as time goes on, but Patrons will always have first dibs for a while ;) 


Oki thank you :3


How do I play it?


You download it?