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how do you find the secret?


I was expecting... Male milk




I am the milk man... my milk is delicious.


psychonauts reference?



More milk!


More Milk

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Very cool demo. It doesn't offer much atm but i hope it will recive few more updates. Art style is great. Would love to make game with art like this. And nfsw animation looks also great. Its so simple but at the same time very good looking. I'm still a novice artist but would love to create something like this! How you achieved it? <3

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I'm sorry to tell you but Annue rarely ever update his games.

And by that i mean, he never update them, they are always kind of one play 10 min games without much content.

Well this one is pretty simple so he said on his twitter that if it's popular enough he might update it a little.

Don't expect much tho.

For now, just try to find the secret.


"might" means never with some people. LCG was really popular when it got released, and other than small fixes, nothing was ever added.

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