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it's a good game, tbh I was expecting nudity but eh I still like it and hope you keep making good games and hope you keep being good I'm sure your a nice person and I wonder what game you guys will make next if you are going to make anymore


I like it, but it's definitely not something that hasn't been made a bunch before, just with a slightly lewd premise to it. I think it just needs a bit more something to make it stand out amongst the rest!


It's not worth "free". I want my "free" refunded!! lol  Focus on Tentacle Locker!!! Many people have great ideas for Tentacle Locker!


doodle jump

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This is a really nice game! Simple yet challenging, it unables me of complaining of anything making this comment seem bought. :P

I still have a question: the blue platforms, what do they do?

If you intend to make updates, I'd suggest making the tentacles rise if the player doesn't get higher.
Keep doing games like this and Tentacle Locker!

the blue are ice pads so they are slippery but only really noticeable when moving laterally a lot!

Glad you've enjoyed it!!