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Is there a way out?


I love it and I love the concept, and I would love to see a future update where it gets fleshed out more. I especially loved the hallway paintings, although because of the lore I was hoping they would change. 

I do have a complaint though. Idk if it's an issue on my end or not, but the controls are not smooth at all and it's really nauseating. The camera jumps around way too much for the amount I move the mouse - I had to turn the mouse sensitivity on my computer all the way down to be able to play at all, and I still had to quit after half an hour and take nausea meds. I'm definitely more prone to gaming motion sickness than most people, but this is definitely the worst game I've ever played for my motion sickness. I really would have liked to play longer. 


Thanks for the kind words, and hoping to flesh out more in the future. 

Deff did not know it cause sickness, very sorry about that. Will look into for the future in how to fix. 

Hi, its me again is this going to be worked on or is a new project being worked on right now.

New projects for now! If (or when) we come back to this one, would maybe rework it from the ground up, but there are a lot of fun spooky games out there that could use some sexy ;) 

all right thanks for answering my question.



Charming little game. The retro aesthetic is well implemented and It's nice seeing small projects like this that are unafraid to be cryptic, kinky and charming. 


Thanks for the kind words ^_^ always glad to try out weird things ;P 

Deleted 64 days ago

nah, just a spooky silence ;) 


Just chiming in to say that I also liked this. Took a little bit to click, but there's something about it.

Another vote for continuing to work on it! :D

...after a while the spooky sound just gets annoying though lol

Awesome feedback! And would love to someday come back to complete the vision. Maybe not this year... but stay tuned!


Oh my god that was g o o d

the game is great but I feel that is incomplete yet, like some doors are locked even though it says "its locked for now", does that mean I still didn't find a key or is the game still not completely developed?

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Thanks for the kind words! We had a lot planned from the start of this project, and didn't get to fully realize everything we had planned. Maybe one year's halloween will get to expand on more but not planned at the moment 

Hotpink, If You need help on a game I would like to Help, I like to Help :D Just say what You need help with and I will try my best to Help :)

Thanks for your kind words. Do you make art? 


So, If you need Art, Let me what ur thinking of the Art then I will make it !

Follow us on twitter and message there ;) 

Alr ;)!

Message Ya :)!

i cant find any more disc's the last one i only found was artifacts :(

how many did you find in total? 

How many are there?


This game is very fun, and I would love to see more added to it. I think I have all of the disks. The scare is very simple, but it gets me most of the time. Idk if more sounds such as footsteps would make it scarier or less scary. I have yet to find the secret sound.

would be nice if this game got an update, its got good potential 

Thanks! Maybe some day, I still have lots of things I'd want to add to it ;) 

cool little game, but is it supposed to not have sound?

There is some spooky sounds here and there ;) but not a lot 


The polygonal aesthetics with the retro filters goes very well, good decision that can be taken out in the gallery. The doors that remain "half open" dynamic give it a touch of Amnesia type. 
And the images of the artists finishes giving it a very professional touch. 


I'm so confused by the jumpscare.  Judging by the comments it's supposed to be more than just a sound, but I never see anything when the sound happens.  I even spent a good amount of time walking around the house after I'm pretty sure I collected all the discs

It is mostly completely random and I bet 95% of players won't ever see it as it happens very quickly each time. Maybe you will only hear it ;) 


I have seen the gost like 4 times and once even right in my face. Afterwards I only heard the sound far in the distance

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ive got a small question but is this a horror porn game or a horror game with nsfw elements? and if it is what are the kinks in it?


Good question 0.0

Maybe that's up for you to decide ;) 

is this game going to be updated?


Not this year, but at some point we might! 

hope it does get Updated It is very c00l 0.0 Not lying, It is the best! But I didn't mean to delete it :(,  But I like the names, I might soon buy the ones for Money ;) But not sure :D


is this all i can find ?? or do i miss something ? : )

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well were did you find the disks


idk lmao



I'm disapointed.

It doesn't work on my laptop ( windows 7 ). On the first home page i click on "play" and the screen is scrambling... And i have a message type "windows encounter a problem..." So i have tried the PC and the PC64 version and i have the same problem... Maybe you could help me.

Thank you.


I would say.... don't use windows 7 :P 
I can't test on that so not sure what the issue might be other than your computer is old D: 

I use windows 10 and Its Good, Maybe Use windows 10?

several rooms are locked for now and i can't find keys does this hint at future updates or should i look harder?


Yes :)
Did not have enough time to finish them for this game, but maybe this October I will have more time ;) 

Well It's October now but I'm guessing Halloween?


Working on another halloween game for this year :) 

might have time for a small update, but we shall have to see ;) 


I see, very spooky indeed


maybe my favorite horny game ever, the atmosphere of spooky tension is really good and i love anything with exploration elements. also liked that the spookiness wasn't super stressful because i am a big wimp. hope there's more like this in the future


Just wait until October I suppose 😉

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Is there more key to unlock the other doors?


The instruction at 0x00000000723AB626 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000040. The memory could not be read.

any clue what's up with this error? haven't been able to launch the game once and this was the first error message i actually got. 

Sorry I haven't heard of this error before :( 


got the game to work! question; where does this key go? i've been looking for a door that opens to the garden but so far i've come up empty handed

The double doors in the first room lead to the garden ;) 


Great game but it'd be cool if you can have sex with the ghost or the picture


This was a new experience for me 'cause I've never played a first person horror game before and I've been meaning to try this game ever since I saw it.

That jumpscare sure got me good, not to mention I was playing it pass midnight... that was a few days ago though...


How can i restart this game ?

I want to plays it again :0

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I think I've found all the disks, but there are still several rooms that say they're locked for now, does this mean I've missed something or are they not available? Also that weird white noise, is that the jumpscare? It happened to me twice in the ballroom and when it did I would look around but I could never see anything, is that what's supposed to happen or am i just missing it?


The "Locked for now" doors are unfinished rooms but maybe they will be unlocked in a future update ;) 

The noise is the scare yes, but only last for short time and is very random!


You know, the fact that I can’t understand what is done in the game and what not is very frustrating. For example, I tried to look at pictures at different times but it's always the same. Also, I can't get a grip about that sound, my best guess is while that sound is playing, something appears behind me, but not matter how fast i turning back, i can't see anything, so where or for what i am supposed to look for? Also comments mention some jumpscare, but i wasn't able to find any of it, I guess it appears from Artifacts.exe, where it starts saying "..." but once again there was nothing. So, can you give me a help with all of that?

It's a ghost who jumpscares you showing her titties. yw :P

But where is it?


It appears randomly. For me after I was reading a document those jumpscare began. And when I finished and went out of the computer I saw a ghost on the couche looking at me. I continued walking around and the ghost appeared right in front of me everytime. At first I thought it was triggered by where I walked and when I looked in that direction, but then I noticed that it was just random and I was just lucky/unlucky

Yea, it's like... mostly random ;) 


i cant get out of the start,the statues are giving me weeping angels vibes,i am scared,i dont want them to move,plese tell me they dont move


so i've been playing for a hot minute (give or take an hour+), and my main gripe is that the spooky entity doesn't really pose a threat outside of a light startle every so often, which even then feels like it doesn't happen as much as it probably should. i started wandering around in an attempt to maybe find a disc i missed and i didn't really feel like there was something that would potentially hinder my progress. if i had to offer some sort of solution, although my opinion is kinda null considering i'm not a game dev myself, would be to give the spook a way to hinder progress, like maybe if she catches you it'll initiate a sex scene that halts your immediate progress. also i'd recommend having her show up more since, in my experience, she would vanish for like 20 minutes at a time and then pop up 2 times in the span of 15 seconds and then disappear again for another 20 minutes. that's just my 2 cents, though. i'm not a game dev and i wouldn't know how much work would go into stuff like that, so if it's a work load that's a bit excessive, it's understandable if it can't be done. still pretty atmospheric though and i can't wait to see what's in future updates! keep up the good work!


Having something catch you and do thing to/with you was deff an idea we had but didn't have time to really implement. 
The spooker is random so that's why sometimes you might not see it for a while ;) 


Is there supposed to be no sound??? I was wandering about and kept hearing this random loud white noise that albeit did give me a good spook but left me confused :(


It's a secret sound ;) 


have any jumpscare?


Maybe only one ;) 


Awesome game! Quick question tho, if a door says 'it's locked for now,' does that mean you gotta search for a key or that the room is still in development?


You can't unlock them in this build :(
Maybe some time in the future ;D 


AAA Nooo ;;; I'ev been looking everywheereee


damn the art is great but I hate horror (even tho some of my fav games are resident evil). Would love to get to look at the art without voluntarily giving myself a heart attack. Also is the sound in my game bugged or is there just no sound at all?

No sounds expect for something that's a random secret ;) 

Hope you aren't too spooked >.< 


Haha awesome. I had a good lewd spoop.


Dug iiit. I'd love to see the environmental placement of the art and storytelling, like the paintings, expanded on more in future spooks!

It is deff something I was working on, and a few ideas had to be rushed out as I only have a little 3D experience, but maybe next time for sure hehe. Future spooks here we come!! 


How many disks are there in the game? Just so I know how many to look for.

It's a secret ;) 


Pretty neat stuff! Only two problems I had were 'not having a defined way to quit / exit', and I had difficulty telling if I'd found everything. I *think* I saw it all? And it was all quite good! Occult was especially good, hope to be able to acquire that in a higher standalone resolution one day.


The artists are free to use their work elsewhere and I'm sure a few will be releasing them out ;)

I didn't make it super clear but if you hold the 'esc' button for a second it will quit the game! 

Also that's part of the fun of not knowing if you found everything not or not hehe ;P


very epic!!! :DDDDDD

Thank you! :D